Lose weight with the 1st part treadmill



The treadmill should be used continuously, consistency is the basis of every training.

The training stimulus, even when aiming for weight loss, must be administered regularly, otherwise the adaptations to which the body undergoes are too slow for you to lose the extra kilos.

How often do you have to run?

At least every other day, never spend over 72 hours from one workout to another.If you put on your shoes 1-2 times a week. It is normal that you will not get any results. Remember: the more time between training sessions, the less effect on fat loss. Did you buy the treadmill? Use it.

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It is much better to run 40 minutes every day than 60 minutes every other day. Similarly, running 20-30 minutes twice a day guarantees better results than 30-40 minutes.
Once a day. Remember that it is for convenience that you purchased the treadmill .

The reason is simple: it is also during the recovery phase, when the body has to restore energy reserves and recover effort, that we lose weight, because to implement these precious processes, the body consumes a lot of energy. So, the more times you activate the recovery phase, the greater the expense.

Think that if you are attentive, you can also understand the moment in which this longed-for reaction is taking place: it happens when, after the stop, you see an unusual redness on your body. At that very moment, your fat cells are releasing fat.


To optimize the time you spend running, vary the pace within your running session. Precisely in the variations, the use of the treadmill is essential. In fact, by varying the speed with simple buttons, I will better manage the variations.

To manage yourself without too much difficulty and without looking at the clock, check your breathing. If you want more info on the subject, read the article on Fartlek .
If you run for an hour, you can enter 10 pace variations by running at a speed that still allows you to talk, but with a minimum of difficulty.

It will be much more effective than running at a slow pace for an hour. But you can apply the same concept even when running shorter distances. If you run for 40 minutes, for example, you can do 30 at a pace where you breathe easily and 10 at a pace where your breath is slightly more engaged.

This increases the total energy cost of your ride. And the recovery phase, the one in which you lose weight, will also be more profitable.


By running regularly, mechanisms that slow down the stimulus of hunger intervene. Yet it is not uncommon to see people gorging themselves on sweets after the run. The mistake is often of a
psychological nature : I believe that having worked hard is a pass to run to the pastry shop.
But something well known that it is a gross mistake. In fact, an hour of running makes you lose about 700 calories .

If you reintroduce them immediately after disposing of them, not only do you not lose weight, but you.
also risk putting your digestive system in a moderate crisis.


If you expect to appreciate a decent weight loss from the first outing, remember that initially your weight may even increase. Do not get mad. It is absolute.

Normal, in fact, for the muscles to react by toning up and increasing in volume (the muscle weighs more than the flab!).

To cheer yourself up, try wearing a pair of jeans that you had filed with regret for having reached weight limits and you will see: the pain points will have already thinned .

Next week, we will finish this article with the other 6 key points for losing weight with the treadmill and running.

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