Lose Weight With The Treadmill

If you want to lose weight, you don’t have to sign an expensive contract in a gym. Even in foul weather or in winter, nobody has to train outside.

Fortunately, people differ in terms of preferences and needs. Especially in the cold season, it can make sense to exercise in the warm, domestic room. 

A treadmill is ideal for training at home. Anyone who already owns a treadmill knows the calorie consumption, weight loss, and how it can be a lot of fun. We have written a guide here that includes training plans and nutrition plans.

How can you lose weight on the treadmill?

Even walking on a treadmill can ensure that the cardiovascular system is cranked up here.

It stimulated the blood circulation in the body during movement, and the heart works more efficiently.

If you train regularly, endurance can be improved. Of course, if you improve your endurance, you won’t get out of breath quickly.

The movement on the treadmill is also perfect for the joints.

The risk of accidents is reduced, the joints remain supple, and we can prevent signs of aging.

Most of the time, you probably ask yourself the question of how you can lose weight with the treadmill .

Especially in the cold season, many people can accumulate the extra pounds. If you want to avoid this, you can train on the treadmill.

If you’re going to burn fat and reduce weight, you can go walking, running or jogging.

Walking is the most natural exercise on the treadmill, and this alone can have a practical effect.

Many will be amazed at how much fat can be burned here. I can always increase slowly the training so that they activate the fat burning even more.

Fat is burned more and more effectively when you go from walking to running or jogging.

When training on the treadmill, the tightening of the body is not neglected.

Regularity matters

If you run or walk regularly, your legs, calves, and buttocks are trained. The muscles are activated and built up with the burning of fat.

The skin can then become significantly firmer. If you choose the treadmill, you shouldn’t get started right away.

Even though many may have already run outdoors, the running feeling of the treadmill is different. It is essential that a body always has to get used to new conditions.

Beginners should start slowly.

It is essential for beginners that they should not go to the full, but the best thing to do is to take it easy.

Many treadmills have a top speed of around 12 km / h. This maximum speed is sufficient.

Only the professionals often resort to the models that offer speeds of up to 16 km / h. In the gym, some devices even reach about 20 km / h.

Even in foul weather, everyone can use the treadmill to shed the kilos. Training around your own four walls is possible around the clock.

If you want to lose weight on the treadmill, you do not have to stick to the seasons or times, and you do not have to calculate additional time for the journey.

What exactly should the training look like and why?

Before the training, everyone has to consider what the training unit should achieve.

If you want to define the training group on a treadmill, consider whether an individual training plan is to be completed, what distance should be covered, and in what time I completed the training.

It is essential when training on the treadmill that this should be a challenge.

It is unnecessary with which distances and training times the training starts, but that one continually demands more.

Only then can progress be made, and the improvement increases motivation. So the practice can be continued, and the way is not neglected.

There are many running plans where corresponding increases are found.

It is essential for the training that it is not neglected and that exercise is fun.

Of course, boredom can quickly arise if you only move in one place several times a week.

It should, therefore, be fun, and the variety should not be neglected.

It is often best when listening to music or when watching the favorite series.

Music, in particular, is suitable to promote motivation. Many people have a driving and positive effect.

The manufacturers have created different training programs for the treadmills so that there are additional incentives through changing programs.

Interval training is top-rated so that they burned calories in a short time. It is crucial for newcomers that jogging or running must first be learned on the treadmill.

I do not know the feeling that a surface is continuously in motion. It starts with slow speeds so that a passion for it is developed.

There must first be a feeling of security, and we can prevent complicated injuries. If a belt finally runs too fast, the balance can be lost, and you can also fall off.

How training on the treadmill is then designed depends on your own goals and your fitness.

After all, often not only should the condition be improved, but you also often want to lose weight.

It is not the case that training only leads to success if you run out of steam during the practice.

It is essential that we adjusted the running speed to the pulse. The kilos can only tumble if they observed the correct pulse frequency.

If you want to lose weight with the training, pay attention to the regularity.

There is no need to spend several hours on the treadmill every day. Short units are usually sufficient if they are intensive.

It is already a prime requirement if you move at a speed of 5 to 6 km / h.

The speed is sufficient for the beginning, and I can already achieve success with it. The pace and intensity should then be increased.

The slope can also play an essential role in weight loss. The higher the incline, the more the muscles are strengthened and trained.

Even in the beginning, an increase of one to two percent is possible. Air resistance is simulated outdoors, and I stimulated somewhat the cardiovascular system.

Once you get used to the treadmill, a four to eight percent increase is possible. The higher the incline, the slower the speed can be.

How much can you lose in what period?

The treadmill will be an effective method if you want to lose weight in the long term and burn calories.

Different muscle groups in the upper body, thighs, and calves are activated during the run.

The calorie consumption can be seen for this reason. The more muscle groups are used at the same time. The more calories can be burned.

A treadmill is a handy cardio machine. An impressive 800 to 900 calories can be consumed per hour, depending on the speed that is reached on the treadmill. 8 to 10 km / h must be kept at a constant rate.

We burn 400 calories after 30 minutes of treadmill training.

Increasing the training intensity means that the calorie burn is raised again.

Some nutritionists believe that an hour of relaxation is less than 30 minutes of intense exercise.

Exactly how many kilograms are lost depends on how often and how long you train.


Compared to running outdoors, the treadmill has the advantage of showing calorie consumption, distance, and speed.

Many runners can be motivated if they want to lose weight.

Therefore, a treadmill is an ideal training device if you’re going to lose weight relatively quickly and healthy.

Running on the treadmill can quickly become monotonous, and therefore there are increases in speed and speed.

Anyone who has got used to the treadmill can set a rate of 8 to 10 km / h.

During the training, the body should be in constant motion, and continuous change is required to reduce weight.

The regularity of the practice is, of course, also essential. It is best if the training is several times a week.

The advantage is that someone can always train the treadmill without distraction, and everyone has the best control over the incline, heart rate, and pace. Someone can optimally control training duration and training distance on a treadmill.

It is essential for beginners that the treadmill does not start too quickly, and the training does not have to be stopped.

Everyone can train wonderfully on their own four walls, and nobody has to worry about what other runners probably think.

You can turn on the TV or listen to music during the training.

It is essential for overweight runners and beginners that it is a body-friendly training on the treadmill.

The cushioning is consistently good, and there is always optimal comfort underfoot.

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