Maximus Sports Bluetooth Treadmill [2021 Edition]

Within this pricing range, the Magnetic Confidence is neck and neck with top-of-the-line versions. There are eight magnetic resistance levels to choose from, allowing you to tailor the level of intensity to the type of training you want to do.

It instills newfound confidence in the comfort of your own home for a more efficient cardio workout.

If you’re short on room, it has a secure folding mechanism that allows it to be stacked. This running machine has a constant low inclination, making it ideal for short walks.

Workout metrics such as time, calories burnt, speed, and running distance are fed into your routine by a multifunction computer. It supports up to 225 pounds of maximum weight capacity thanks to better mechanical integrity. It’s the pinnacle of entry-level devices.

Maximus Sports Bluetooth Treadmill [2021 Edition]

Maximus Sports Bluetooth Treadmill


  • Up to 220 pounds can be supported by heavy-gauge steel.
  • The 2′′L x 14′′W jogging belt provides a comfortable and consistent workout.
  • Keep your essentials close at hand with this gadget holder.
  • Workout safety is improved by a safety key with a clip and an emergency stop button on the handrail.
  • 800W power for a speed of 0.5 to 6.5 mph Multifunction LED display for heart rate, calories, speed, distance, scan, and time
  • The speed +/-, Start/Stop, and heart rate assessment capabilities are all integrated into the handrails.
  • Lightweight and collapsible to 37.4′′ x 57.9′′ x 26.8′′ for compact storage.
  • The runway is 38.2′′x14′′ in size (LXW)
  • 12 preloaded, easy-to-follow programs will help you increase your cardiovascular fitness, improve your health, and burn fat.
Maximus Sports Bluetooth Treadmill


  • Large jogging track
  • Construction is robust.
  • The fold-up design is unique.
  • Wheels built-in
  • LCD display that is quite useful


  • Weight capacity is limited.
  • For others, the incline may appear to be overly steep.

I can stow away the Maximus Sports Bluetooth Treadmill to save space thanks to the fold-up running surface. Thanks to hydraulic support, the so-called Easy-Fold-Technology, you can fold the walking surface up and down on your own. 

When it is folded down, the last few centimeters are automatically lowered and therefore serve as a safety mechanism and protect the floor below. 

Thanks to the 4 roller transport system, you can move the device with one hand.

Additional amenities include bottle holders, device holders, soft-touch buttons, heart rate grips and the fashionable aluminum treads.

The Maximus Sports Bluetooth Treadmill is the entry console for the Matrix home fitness equipment. It has an 8.5 “LCD screen. Someone clearly laid it out and the values ​​are easy-to-read thanks to the background lighting. All relevant training data is available to you clearly and at a glance.

 Thanks to various quick selection buttons, you can change changes such as speed or resistance quickly and with just a few button presses and adapt them to your training rhythm.

With Viewfit technology, if you wish, you can upload your training session to social media at the push of a button. Facebook and Twitter are preinstalled and can be activated directly via your account. 

The integrated Polar heart rate technology gives you the most accurate heart rate measurement a fitness machine can deliver (Polar heart rate belt not included with the XR console).

With the optional Passport Media technology , you can walk or drive courses and routes around the world interactively.

 Whether a tour in the canals of Venice, through the Nevada desert or through Times Square in New York – with the reds of the media player the selection is very diverse.


The Maximus Sports Bluetooth Treadmill is another wonderful low-cost option for those who are hesitant to go to the gym.

You don’t have to worry about placing it near an electric outlet because it’s a manual machine. That is the first advantage you will receive from this fantastic treadmill.

Moving on, it includes an LCD monitor that allows customers to track their progress. You’ll be able to track your pace, calories burned, time spent, distance travelled, and other metrics to see how you’re doing.

The LCD panel is also conveniently positioned in the middle of the handlebars, which screams convenience.

Thanks to its flywheel and heavy-duty construction, this machine will run smoothly and without interruption at all times.

The treadmill does, however, come with a fairly large running area, measuring 14 by 40 inches. This is surprising, given that most models in the same category have tiny running surfaces.

It’s a breeze to store this machine because it features a unique fold-up design. You can effortlessly fold, lock, and store the treadmill with this. It also helps that it has built-in wheels, which makes transporting it easier.

However, the Maximus Sports Bluetooth Treadmill’s maximum weight capacity is only 200 pounds, the lowest of any model on this list.

Not that, however, that the device will not be suitable for you. As a result, you must consider your own weight and the weights of potential users.

Apart from the weight limit, the inclination is excessively severe, thus you may need to use improvised supports to prop up the back legs.

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