Mission to lose weight: now it’s my turn!

We are constantly surrounded by easily accessible, palatable and high-calorie food. We use food as a comfort, as a refuge, as an outlet. Sometimes we eat our meals mechanically, without realizing what we throw down. 

We open a door and take a biscuit, a breadstick, a cracker. We open the refrigerator and grab cheeses, meats, sweets.
We don’t ask ourselves the slightest question about our real needs. We see food as an instant satisfaction tool.

Sound familiar?

The world around us does not help us: commercials and TV programs seem to talk about nothing but food. Eating has become our ultimate goal. We have become two-legged digestive tracts.

It happens to get fat, especially if we lose focus on ourselves.

It also happened to me several years ago, up to the threshold of 90 kilos (for one meter and seventy!).
I had no food consciousness, was not active and would eat continuously (and often did).
I gained awareness and lost weight.
I studied and understood how to regain control of my weight and my body.

This was until a year ago.

Gradually all those excellent habits that I had inserted into my daily life, real pillars in my lifestyle, have been weakened and partly collapsed.

Long working hours, the illness of a loved one, a physical annoyance that has become an injury: the time to devote to myself has become less and less, almost nothing. Running, an activity to be included in the spare time (that’s why the injury). I’ve lost control of the situation.

It happens to get fat … and it happened to me.

Much less sport, food as a comfort and as the only moment to dedicate to myself. Result:

12 extra pounds and a BMI of 26.6 !

Perfectly aware of being the one and only responsible, I decided to take the situation back in hand, to restore order and to restore the lifestyle I had.
Anyone who knows me knows that I am certainly not an incurable optimist, but at least I can often find a positive side in bad situations.
And I am convinced that I have also found it in this one.

I allowed myself 4 months to lose about 16 kilos following an appropriate method for those who, like me, have:

  • always a short time
  • always a lot of appetite
  • always a good chance of getting injured

It is a realistic and challenging goal that takes into account the time of weight loss with a focus on health. With 2 more weapons available, I find myself in the same situation as many users who write to us daily, but with more knowledge and experience.

I have decided to document my path and put all my experience and knowledge at your disposal once finished. The photo was taken on Sunday, September 6th, 2015. The image of the

Republic day, kidnapping style, was inserted for the usual suspicious reasons. I am going to be your coach, mentor and guide to help you achieve success, and I know you are up for the challenge because you are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

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