The 10 Most Important Treadmill Features

In the following article, we want to show you the essential treadmill features that are crucial for the treadmill test and comparison. 

Overall, these are the ten most critical functions and features that a treadmill should fulfill.

There is an unbelievable number of different treadmills, and every manufacturer tries to win customers with newer and various setting options.

You are quickly overwhelmed and do not know which key data are essential for a treadmill.

Therefore, we would like to present ten treadmill features you should look at when buying or testing treadmills.

 The importance of the individual setting options depends, of course, on your training needs, comfort requirements, and not least, your budget.

In case you are on a treadmill test cannot find all the data, try to find more information for the particular fitness device on the manufacturer’s website. 

All well-known companies such as Horizon Fitness, Christopeit, or Kettler offer extensive product descriptions.

At a glance, the article on the individual treadmill manufacturers also offers you further necessary information so that you can get a good impression in advance.

Note: The list of treadmill features is not sorted by importance.

The motor is the heart of every treadmill and determines how you can train on the treadmill. 

Good treadmills should have a motor output of 1-2.5 hp continuous and top models three hp and above.

Be sure to look at the continuous power and not the peak power when looking at the engine power because the peak performance is more excellent and should convince customers of the quality of the treadmill. 

However, this can only be provided by the engine for a short time.

The speed:

Depending on your training ideas, pay attention to the running speed that your treadmill can reach. 

For walkers, beginners, and people who want to lose weight, treadmills with 10 km / h are usually sufficient.

 If you go towards competitive sports instead of average fitness, you will also find fitness equipment at higher speeds.

Pay attention to the starting speed and the individual speed levels. The starting speed should be 1 km / h, and you should calculate your average running rate in steps of 0.5–1km / h per level. 

At Horizon Fitness, you will find, for example, some models that deliver excellent speed values. Preferably to get conclusions about your running behavior.

The incline of the tread:

With many fitness machines, you can change the incline on the treadmill and thus simulate incline runs. 

This is nice but unnecessary for everyone.

If you do not want to do without this feature, look at the steps in which we can set the incline and, above all, how this is done.

 On some models, lift the treadmill to the next slope by hand.

The size of the tread:

Racing is and remains a movement sport that needs a particular space.

 Therefore, look at the tread size of the treadmill so that you do not have to run tight. 

If the tread is too small, there is an increased risk of falling, especially if you step or step over it.

How big the area should depend on your leg length and step size. It is best to take a meter and measure your step size.

Before you buy a treadmill, it’s helpful to mark the tread on the floor to get an idea of how much space this model offers you.


The cushioning of the treadmills is very important. It should be ensured that your movements are well cushioned, and shocks and vibrations are reduced.

This is important to enabling gentle running, which does not strain the joints too much. 

And of course to protect the floor. It’s helpful to use a floor protection mat.

The pulse measurement:

The pulse is an indicator of the strain on the body and can be measured with heart rate monitors, pulse chest belts or directly via sensors on the treadmill

With the pulse, you can monitor your current condition and increase or decrease the intensity to jog in the optimal pulse range.

Also, many treadmills in the test offer the option of pulse-controlled training.

 The treadmill monitors the pulse and then automatically regulates the speed or incline to vary the training intensity.

Display & Computer:

While the motor is the heart, we can probably see the computer as a brain on the treadmill. 

All critical data are processed here, and pulse, time, speed, etc. are evaluated to calculate the calorie consumption.

Someone then revealed all data on display. 

The display should not be too small so that you do not lose sight of the overview while you are doing your training.

You look at the warranty information regarding the computer.

If this breaks and you have to pay for the repair out of your pocket, it can quickly become very expensive.

The programs:

There are original programs that you can use on the treadmill.

Programs in which the speed and incline change themselves after a specific time were engaging in the test. 

An individual running profile is simulated, which imitates a natural terrain. With a good treadmill, you can even program your patterns.

It is advisable to pay attention to a pulse-controlled program when buying, with which you can then run at the optimal pulse.

Foldable or not:

Space is such a thing, especially with a fitness machine. Many devices, such as multi-gyms or cross-trainers, take up a lot of space, and there is no way to change this.

With many treadmills, however, you can be happy that they can be folded. So you can easily fold up the treadmill after your workout and gain a lot of space.

Note: Many models from Kettler, Horizon Fitness, and Christopeit are foldable and can save space.

Additional accessories:

You can purchase additional accessories for many treadmills. 

This applies above all to models from the primary market leaders such as Kettler, Christopeit, Reebok, or Maxxus.

As already mentioned above, it’s useful to buy a floor protection mat. 

Or a polar chest belt that transmits your pulse to the treadmill or other fitness equipment.

You should pay attention to these points and evaluate which treadmill has the best features if you inform yourself before buying a treadmill test.

Before you start, it is advisable if you are even concerned with the applications you want to buy your treadmill.

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