Nordictrack C700 treadmill Reviews [2023 Edition]

Grey and black The NordicTrack C 700 is a high-end, large, heavy-duty treadmill with a 2.75 horsepower motor, a large multi-window console with a pleasant design, and an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

The fast touch buttons on the right-hand side of the panel allow you to walk or run at speeds ranging from 0 to 10 miles per hour. You can also automatically set the incline up to 10%.

The treadmill’s excellent efficiency is backed up by a 1-year parts and labor warranty, a 25-year motor warranty, and a lifetime frame warranty. By no way is this a cheap treadmill, but when you consider the consistency, versatility, features, comfort, and user friendliness, you’re getting a great deal.

Nordictrack C700 treadmill Reviews

Nordic Track C 700 Treadmill

Main Features

  • Speed ​​change from 0 to 20km / h
  • Incline change from 0 to 10%
  • 16 training programs created by coaches
  • 140 x 51cm running surface
  • MP3 connectivity and integrated speakers
  • LCD screen
  • Tablet holder
  • Grab bar equipped with sensors that measure heart rate
  • Fan
  • 5CV engine
  • Damping Flex Select system that reduces the impact of vibrations on the joints by 15%
  • Foldable treadmill
  • 1 year IFIT subscription included

Other NordicTrack C series treadmills are more advanced and more expensive, while the C 700 is on the lower end of the price scale. The 2.75 horsepower motor should be enough to accommodate walking, jogging, and some running daily, but not extreme running.

The NordicTrack C700 weights 202 pounds and measures 73 x 36 x 67 inches. It is a durable heavy-duty treadmill that can accommodate up to 300 pounds of total user weight.

The running belt is 55 inches long and 22 inches wide, allowing you to take long strides and run as fast as you like. It is also ideal for people who are very tall.

You can try to achieve your own exercise and fitness goals by selecting one of the 24 integrated programs from the buttons beneath the LCD monitor, which displays calories, distance, current speed, time, and heart rate through pulse grips.

One-touch controls are convenient because they eliminate the need to click through various settings. This is an iFit coach-ready product, and you can walk, jog, or run anywhere in the world using Google StreetView.

On the belt, it has the special and adjustable Flex Select cushioning that you can turn on and off to simulate running on the road or on a padded surface. It has a foldable shape, and you can move it on 1.9-inch rollers or pick it up and move it towards the console with the Easy Lift Assist.

You can also use the treadmill’s integrated apps, which are linked to the treadmill via Bluetooth. It comes with an auto breeze fan to keep you cool during your workout and high-quality speakers in the front.

It’s iPod compatible, and you can use the auxiliary music port to attach your MP3 player or phone to keep yourself entertained while driving. You can also use the integrated tablet holder on the console to watch videos and other content.

The iFit usability, 10% auto incline, 55-inch belt length, 24 built-in programs, integrated cooler fan, music friendliness- iPod compatibility, and decent speakers are all pleasant features.

The frame has a lifetime warranty, and the motor has a 25-year warranty, but the parts and labor warranty are just one year. Last time we checked, I did not know Nordic Track for having the best customer service in the fitness industry, but we’re sure they’re working on it.

Aside from a few minor flaws, this is a nice quality treadmill with some useful features at a fair price. If it is within your budget, you should certainly do it.

Brand specializing in high-end fitness, NordicTrack designs a wide range of devices. In particular, there are treadmills, including the NordicTrack C 700 model that I present to you in this article.

Nordic Track C 700 Treadmill


Manufacturing quality and ease of use

The c 700 treadmill benefits from the know-how accumulated over several years by NordicTrack. I remind you that the brand is a benchmark in the field of fitness. I find its build quality really at the top. It looks very solid , and aside from the bad luck of a faulty device, the NordicTrack C 700 treadmill has it all to run for many years to come. It also benefits from the following guarantees:

  • The structure is guaranteed for 10 years (contractual guarantee) + 2 (legal guarantee), i.e. 12 years
  • The motor is guaranteed for 5 years + 2 years, i.e. 7 years
  • Parts and labor are guaranteed for 2 years

In use, I really enjoyed using the NordicTrack C 700 treadmill. Its dashboard is very ergonomic and allows the treadmill to be adjusted very quickly and easily. In addition, I was able to easily install my tablet and watch series while I was using the mat, which is very practical.

Performance and Features

The treadmill NordicTrack C 700 is complete in functionality. I found everything I needed there.

First, I enjoyed the 16 programs pre-recorded and performed by professional coaches. Thanks to them I didn’t waste time looking for a training program. But for those who need additional programs, you will find plenty of them on the internet. And since the C 700 is equipped with a tablet port , you can follow the programs in real time.

For my part, the tablet port allowed me to watch series or browse the internet. The mat is also equipped with Intermix Acoustic 3.0 speakers . We can listen to music from our smartphone. The sound is pretty good, but I used this function little, because I prefer to listen to my music with my headphones.

Among the other features, we find the adjustment of the running speed of the carpet from 0 to 20 km / h with a simple press of the button. Ditto for the incline that can be adjusted from 0 to 10%.

Function that I find essential, it measures the heart rate thanks to the sensors located at the level of the support bar.

The NordicTrack C 700 treadmill also incorporates a fan . I quickly tested this function, but I’m not a fan, because in my opinion it is the best way to catch a cold.

The various settings and measurements are shown on the large, high-quality LCD screen . Too bad it cannot be used as a tablet.

Another positive point, the carpet is folds easily and quickly, in order to save a little space when you do not have an allocated room.

My opinion on the Nordictrack C 700

I really enjoyed the NordicTrack C 700 treadmill. I found it functional and very easy to use. Granted, it’s expensive, but there’s nothing extravagant about it given the overall quality of the carpet. I remind you that this is a high-end model.

In short, NordicTrack C 700 is clearly one of my favorite rugs right now.

Strong points

  • The quality is at the rendezvous
  • Adjustable speed from 0 to 20km / h
  • Incline adjustable from 0 to 10%
  • 16 training programs created by coaches
  • Tablet rest
  • Large running surface (140 x 50cm)
  • Large LCD screen that displays settings and measurements
  • Heart rate measurement
  • Joint vibration reduction system
  • Foldable treadmill
  • 1 year IFIT subscription included

Weak points

  • LCD screen which is only used to display measurements and settings, the addition of a tablet is essential to follow video programs
  • Dispensable ventilator


Conclusion: a treadmill for whom  ?

When you live in the heart of a big city, running is not always easy, because you have to squeeze between passers-by, stop at intersections, etc. The treadmill allows you to have conditions similar to  a track in a stadium  while being quiet at home.

In addition, with the mat, we do not suffer from uneven ground and we can run, regardless of the weather conditions . Not to mention that the shower is easy to reach.

On the other hand, buying a treadmill is a significant investment. Make sure you are motivated enough before acquiring one. I advise you to take a subscription for a few months in the gym to test the treadmill.

Regarding the NordicTrack C 700 model, it is aimed more at those who already have a good habit of running. If you are just starting out, look for a more affordable model, which you can sell later to buy this C 700 carpet.

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