OppsDecor Under Desk Treadmill 2 in1 Pad Treadmill Reviews [2021 Edition]

Its 51 x 152 cm running surface and aluminum side rails provide you with quality training.

OppsDecor Under Desk Treadmill 2in1 Pad Treadmill REVIEW


Key Features

  • The base of the treadmill has a high-quality, super quiet 2.25HP engine that allows you to walk and operate without upsetting anyone. Time, Pace, Burned Calories and Distance LED computer display tracks. Tone your muscles, burn more calories, and feel less tired.
  • You will be more productive. Imagine every day logging many miles and thousands of steps!
  • High-quality steel frame, anti-slip anti-static lawn texture belt, multi-layer composite belt offers valuable cushioning for ankle, back and knee joints, giving you an exceptional running experience. The lightweight, foldable, and treadmill wheels make it easier to put away the treadmill after use. You might store it in your living room, study, a small corner or under the bed at just 5″ tall while folding. Ideal for fitness and exercise
  • With remote control, the treadmill can be adjusted to change speed or pause the treadmill. Bluetooth phone can be attached to the Treadmill, play music while running & walking, or watch film by the treadmill phone holder. To ensure immediate shut-off in an emergency situation, it comes with a built-in safety key.
  • This treadmill can be used in 2 ways, unlike a regular treadmill. When the handrail does not rise, it becomes under the desk treadmill, the maximum speed is 4kmh, you can make a gentle walk.
  • It becomes to run treadmill just lift the handrail, the highest speed is 12kmh, you can run as normal. It will please you, whether you want to walk slowly or sprint quickly.
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  • To allow you to buy with confidence, we offer you 100 percent satisfaction. Customer Friendly Operation. We are very confident that our treadmill can super-impress you with Longevity, PORTABILITY and HIGH Efficiency.


Max speed

20 km / h

Peak power (HP CV)

N / C CV

Continuous power (CHP)

3.25 hp

Running surface

51 x 152

Cushioning system

Ultimate Deck System

Of programs


Max incline level


Heartbeat taking

Touch sensors, chest strap included


206 cm


90 cm


158 cm


135 kg



Max user weight

181 kg

Folded dimension (LxWxH cm)

106 x 90 x192 cm


Semi pro

Carton dimensions

2.06 x 0.9 x 1.58 (L x W x H)

DESCRIPTION OF THE OppsDecor Under Desk Treadmill 2 in1 Pad Treadmill


The 16-inch HD touch screen displays all the information necessary for your training session (time, incline, distance, speed, calories, heart rate, etc.)

It has 11 programs:

• MANUAL : Program that allows you to adjust the machine yourself whenever you want.
• HILL MODE : Program at different levels that automatically adjusts the incline or resistance level to simulate going up or down hills.
• INTERVAL (incline): A program at different levels that automatically adjusts the incline at regular intervals.
• TIME: Program that allows you to select the duration of the exercise corresponding to your usual training sessions.
• DISTANCE : Program that allows you to choose the distance to cover during the exercise. The duration of the exercise is calculated based on your speed and the distance you specify.
• CALORIES : Program that allows you to choose the number of calories you want to burn during exercise. The duration of the exercise is calculated based on your speed and the number of calories you specify.
• INCLINE : Program that automatically adjusts the incline to bring you to your maximum heart rate (+/- 5 beats).
• SPEED: Program that automatically adjusts the speed to bring you to your maximum heart rate (+/- 5 beats).
• SPRINT 8 : Intensive anaerobic training program including several phases of effort / recovery. It is designed to strengthen muscle building, improve speed, and naturally increase the secretion of growth hormone (hGH) in the body.
• 2 VIRTUAL ACTIVE : These programs provide remarkable images from different real places around the world. Virtual Active offers the ultimate in entertainment and training, and lets you not fall into the monotony of your workouts while still enjoying a dynamic experience.


Web browser, Weather, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, MyFitnessPal, (Hulu plus, Vevo, Vudu: account required).

You can switch consoles at any time.


Always push your limits with the incline of up to 15%.


Tactile sensors present on the handles of the mat. For more precision, use the supplied Polar belt.


• View Fit: transfers your training data to the fitness apps and tools you already use. It also makes it easy to share data on your favorite social networks.
• Sprint 8: Scientifically proven, high intensity interval training program burns fat and builds muscle in short workouts, adaptable to your schedule.


extras : – Foldable to save space,
– Quick access keys,
– Speakers,
– Bluetooth,
– USB port for your audio or video files,
– Storage compartment,
– Bottle holder,
– 4 transport wheels.

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