Reasons To Exercise On The Treadmill At Home

“A treadmill for at home? But running outside is much nicer!” We hear that sometimes, but this statement is not always true.

To walk in the fresh air on a flat forest path without an ascent, at 20 ° C in the shade of green treetops.

It often allows a few rays of sunshine through, no other joggers standing in the way, let alone the remains of domestic or other animals.

 So running training is terrific. But a treadmill at home does not prevent the running practice in the forest.

A treadmill at home is the perfect addition to running in the fresh air. And let’s be honest: how often do these unusual running conditions occur?

Probably once a year, and this time a year, the treadmill at home won’t stop us from running outside.

The other 364 days a year, when it thunders, hails, flashes, when the running route is overcrowded, when slippery leaves and piles of dogs turn the sidewalk into an obstacle course.

Then the treadmill at home is the only way to complete a safe and pleasant running training at all. 

Free running training and a treadmill at home complement each other perfectly!

For your rereading, we have once again summarized the most critical arguments why so much speaks for a treadmill at home.


Product Name

Speed (Max.)

Weight Capacity



11 MPH

325 lbs

84″ x 35.5″ x 58″

10 MPH

300 lbs

73"  x 36"  x 54"

12 MPH

350 LBS

72.5"x 35.25" x 57.75" 

12 MPH

400 Lbs

84.5" x 38.5" x 54.7" 

With a treadmill, you are free from any time restrictions.

In the gym, you would first have to find a parking space, then hope for an open locker, then find that they occupy all treadmills so that you can finally run 10 minutes before the studio closes.

And run outside? In the dark? You can get a cracked ankle quickly. With a treadmill at home, you live more independently, safely, and fitter!

With the treadmill regardless of wind and weather.

The weather is the most powerful ruler in the world–at least for running outdoors.

Runaway from the cold with a treadmill at home! Black ice in winter or snow in spring?

Not in the winter garden on your treadmill at home, where you can see the snow trickling while you keep fit with indoor training!

Got heatstroke and sunburn in summer while walking the dusty park path or the melting asphalt path? 

No, on your treadmill at home, you have cooling headwind from the fan and always a cold drink at hand.

And do you want to slip on damp leaves in autumn and run a hurdle over the branches of the last storm?

Probably not. You can even watch a movie on your treadmill at home for at dusk, and you don’t have to worry about where you are going.

The tread is always level and non-slip. A treadmill at home is worth it in every season!

Better training control with a treadmill

Treadmills at home offer optimal training control! You can set the training parameters exactly on the treadmill.

Do you want to cover the 10 km in exactly 50 minutes?

No problem: I set the treadmill to 12 km / h. Or do you want to do a short interval training?

Just as easy: With the speed direct selection buttons, you can jump back and forth between recovery speed and racing speed!

Run at home – anytime

The treadmill at home is always ready. You don’t need any preparation time–just put on sporty clothes and start running.

Another good reason for a treadmill at home: there is no dress code.

No insects or pollen on the treadmill at home

As lovely as it is to run outside: what crawls and curses on earth can be difficult for you when you run.

There is no problem with a treadmill at home: no pollen pollution in summer, no excessive ozone levels that make walking dangerous, no insects that fly into the eye or open mouth, and no dog piles.

Running at home is a pleasant and carefree run.

Indoor running training is even more comfortable on the joints!

The treadmill at home makes training more gentle. When you jog, tremendous forces act on your ligaments and joints every time you occur.

This can lead to complaints in some people. Treadmills offer more gentle running with cushioning systems.

Meanwhile, the manufacturers of treadmills even offer zone damping that is perfectly tailored to human gait.

You will soon also find the forest floor like a concrete highway!

There are also hill runs on the treadmill at home.

Inclines and levels! In a practical treadmill training at home, the intensity should vary via the speed and the slope.

This allows other muscles to be addressed again. Outside there are not all gradients, e.g., B. if you live on flat land.

Elsewhere there are too many climbs. The treadmill at home is the perfect option here. You can choose the slope precisely as you like it.

With the treadmill, you save the way back.

With a treadmill, you are always at home immediately after training. In the gym, you would have to squeeze through the bare bodies in the shower.

When you jog outside, 5 kilometers from your apartment, you notice your limit is 6 kilometers or that you have left the stove on.

A little tip for the treadmill at home

There are scientific studies that prove that a treadmill at home is not inferior to outdoor training.

An incline of 1 can simulate the lack of headwind/ on the treadmill at home%.

If you do not have the cooling effect of drafts on the treadmill at home: an industrial fan is inexpensive and provides a refreshing blueprint.

There are also many treadmills with fans.

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