REDLIRO Under Desk Bed Walking Machine 2 in 1 Treadmill Reviews [2021 Edition]

New design, large surface of 48 x 150 cm , peak power of 3.75 HP , 58 programs , maximum speed of 20 km / h , 15 levels of incline, 6 points of cushioning on the running surface + 2 cushioning ” System Flex “, chest belt included , touch pad support, foldable , MP3 connection.

REDLIRO Under Desk Bed Walking Machine 2 in 1 Treadmill Reviews

We liked its long and wide running surface for more training comfort, the tilting console for easy readability, and the standard rangefinder belt.
The team’s favorite at this price level!


Max speed

20 km / h

Peak power (HP CV)

3.75 HP

Continuous power (CHP)

2.5 hp

Running surface

48 x 150

Cushioning system

6 elastomers

Of programs


Max incline level


Heartbeat taking

Touch sensors, chest strap included


192 cm


83 cm


144 cm


85 kg



Max user weight

130 kg

Folded dimension (LxWxH cm)

119 x 83 x 163 cm



Carton dimensions

2.03 x 0.86 x 0.33 (L x W x H)


DESCRIPTION OF THE REDLIRO Under Desk Bed Walking Machine 2 in 1 Treadmill

This REDLIRO Under Desk Bed Walking Machine 2 in 1 Treadmill is designed for regular to intensive home use, for training 5 to 15 hours per week!


Powerful motor of 3.75 CV peak and 2.5 CV continuously.


Maximum speed from 1 TO 20 KM / H with electric adjustment from the console.
4 quick access keys for speed (3, 6, 9, 12 km / h): possibility of adjusting the speed in km / h by simple touch button. Really handy for interval training! + Speed and incline adjustment buttons directly on the grab bar.


Quick tilt adjustment at the touch of a button. Start at 0 to reach the peaks, up to 15 levels of inclines.
Also 3 tilt quick access keys. (3, 6, 9) Thanks to its rapid incline you work the fractional or the back of your thighs and your buttocks.


surface : Large 48 x 150 cm running surface which guarantees excellent stability and a comfortable space for walking or long strides for all types of body types.


Excellent running comfort that allows you to maintain the same quality of stride as on the asphalt!
Protect your joints thanks to 6 points of cushioning over the entire running surface + 2 “System Flex” honeycomb cushioning.


programs : The programs automatically manage the speed and incline of your treadmill according to the graphic profile displayed on the console:
• 1 MANUAL MODE you choose your speed and incline yourself.
You can also program a workout time, a distance to go, or the amount of calories you want to burn.
• 52 PRE-RECORDED PROGRAMS designed for cardio training and improving your performance. Speed and incline are managed by the programs.
3 USER PROGRAMS The user can choose his own program according to his objectives. Possibility to create 3.
• 1 BODY FAT PROGRAM measures body mass.
– Work at 65% of your max HR. for weight loss.
– Work at 75% of your max HR. for endurance.
– Work at 85% of your max HR. to gain in performance.
Calculate your max HR. (HR = Heart Rate)
HRM = 220 – Your age (There is a 10% margin)


– The heartbeat during your workout can be picked up by the touch sensors on the support arms of the mat.
– If you want more precise tracking, you can use the included chest belt.


Tilting high resolution blue backlit LCD window for better visibility of your workout progress.
The display simultaneously indicates:
• SPEED: instantaneous speed during the exercise
• INCLINE: Displays the incline level from 1 to 15
• TIME: Stopwatch, indicates the time from 0:00 to a maximum of 99:59 minutes
• DISTANCE: This function measures distance from 0:00 to 999 km / miles
• CALORIES: This function measures the total amount of calories burned by your body during exercise
• PULSE: (heart rate), display range: 50 to 200 BPM (Beats Per Minute).

The console includes two speakers + an MP3 “jack” connection to connect your music player.


• The mat is foldable and saves 70% of the space required to store it without problem.
• 2 transport wheels for effortless movement and storage.
• 2 storage spaces (water bottles, towel …).
• 1 smartphone / tablet holder,
• Opening aid system: Facilitates opening of the mat using a piston.

• Safety key: in the event of a fall, this is removed from the console and cuts the motor which stops the running belt!
• Chest belt included!
• MP3 connection!
• Silicone bottle (lubricant) supplied!

Min and max user height : 1.40m to 2.2m.
Energy consumption: 1100 W.
At 10 km / h, the noise level of the carpet is about 61 DECIBELS .

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