Replace Treadmill Belt

One of the most functional tools in the field of fitness, both in the gym and outdoors, is certainly the magnetic mat, better known as a treadmill.

For those who prefer not to go to the gym, but to train at home, this tool is the most practical, comfortable, but above all effective solution.

As it happens for the ‘use of all tools for the’ fitness activities, the moving magnetic treadmill to treadmill saver treadmills require some type of maintenance, small measures to ensure its use for a longer period of time.

In this regard, the spare parts of the treadmill belt come into play, the latter in fact at a certain point need to be changed, regardless of whether the tool is used in the correct way or not.

When you need to replace the treadmill belt

This depends on the fact that the tape of the magnetic carpet is one of its components that wears out the most, due to the friction produced by the body weight.
This tool if kept in the right way can last for many years, for this reason it is advisable in case of a breakdown to provide for the purchase of spare parts, rather than a new treadmill.
The replacement of the magnetic belt tape must take place whenever signs of deterioration are evident on the surface of the tape, this obviously depends on the extent to which it is used.
This therefore determines a replacement that can take place once a year or once in a single quarter, in cases where use is not only intense but also daily.

How to replace the treadmill belt

On the various online sites it is possible to buy all the spare parts of the treadmill, including the belt, thanks to very affordable offers, which make it possible to make the use of your magnetic mat for a longer period of time.

On the market there are different models of tape, in order to satisfy the various requests.

Before purchasing any type of belt for this machine it is necessary to check its dimensions, as there are several types you must be sure to choose the one that is suitable with the model of treadmill you already have.

The measures of its surface must be suitable for your needs: it is better to opt for one with anti-slip and antistatic characteristics to avoid the risk of being involved in electric shocks, as well as having a lower surface with a low coefficient of friction, thus the correct use of the machinery is fully guaranteed.

Prices for treadmill replacement belts

The replacement treadmill belts available in the market is truly varied; in fact, it is possible to choose between many features, prices and sizes.
Furthermore, in the event that the latter are not available at the time of the request, it is possible to order them to measure.

How to determine the correct tape size to replace

In order to correctly detect the size of the treadmill belt that must be replaced, it is necessary to cut or remove the worn belt, making sure to take it in all its width, then it must be spread on the floor and measure the total length and width , thus managing to obtain its real size.
To prevent any errors from occurring, it is advisable to repeat the operation twice and check that the roller located behind the magnetic belt is not completely pulled.
This is because this roller tends to put the treadmill belt under tension, as well as being able to be adjusted both to the right and to the left, until it is positioned centrally on the running table of the carpet.
To be able to visualize the tension screws without difficulty, it is useful to remove the covers that are located behind, both on the right and on the left, which cover the adjustment screws.
When the roller is at the end of its adjustment and can no longer tension the treadmill belt, it is a good idea to remove a few centimeters from the measured measurement.

How the belt should be replaced from the treadmill

In this paragraph we will take care of giving our readers a general guide on how to intervene to replace the treadmill belt in the correct way.
To do this, it is necessary to follow precise instructions; among which one of the most important requires disconnecting the power to avoid shocks.
Once this is done you can start with the actual replacement of the belt, here are the various steps to follow:
• Remove the covers ; the first operation to be carried out, which is completely simple, is in fact to remove the covers to block the tape.
Once positioned in the final part of the belt you can see in the lower part in the direction of the two corners, to disassemble them simply use a screwdriver and loosen the screws.
Their function, in the structure of the treadmill is very important, since it is to ensure greater protection of the roller from dust and any impacts
• Remove the upper case ; to carry out this part, it is necessary to move towards the top of the magnetic belt and act on the box.
This procedure is also quite simple to carry out, it is necessary to unscrew the screws positioned laterally and in the rear part that allow the belt to be fixed to the machine and free the part where the electrical circuits are located
• Remove the rear roller; returning to the lower part of the treadmill, where the roller covers were present, it is necessary to remove the two screws which serve not only to fix it, but also to keep it aligned.
This operation is carried out in a very short time and does not require any kind of difficulty
• Unhook the front roller ; unlike the others, this is a phase that is a little more difficult.
It is necessary to position yourself in the upper part of the belt, where the protective box was present, and identify the screw that serves to keep the front roller aligned.
The difficulty in this particular phase is due precisely to the possible difficulty of being able to see this screw, given the presence of many cables and mechanisms present in this specific point.
To be able to identify it easily, it is advisable to position yourself on the right side of the carpet
• Remove the side footrest ; Once the rear and front rollers have been freed from the belts, it is time to remove the footrest positioned on the right side.
To do this, it is necessary to use a spatula, in order to be able to cut the bioadhesive layer that serves to keep it glued to the tool.
• Lubricate the table ; once the worn belt has been replaced, it is advisable to lubricate the surface of the support table.
Obviously it is good to carry out this operation using only professional products and try to pass it with care and homogeneously.
• Insert the new belt and the side ; after having performed the lubrication, you can continue by inserting its new belt into the treadmill, starting with the roller that is in front and on the right side, which was previously freed from the footrests
• Position the two rollers ; this step consists in being able to insert the rear roller with the utmost care and fasten the screws, in such a way as to be able to reposition it correctly.
• Center the tape ; in this final part, you have to reconnect the treadmill to the electrical outlet and start the mechanism, taking care to keep the speed of the belt at the speed of six kilometers per hour.
This procedure is of fundamental importance because, while the belt is in motion, it is necessary to tighten or loosen the screws of the two rollers, in order to be able to adjust it optimally with respect to the position of the two footrests placed laterally.
Once this is done, it is possible to check the tension, positioning yourself on the treadmill and trying the walk, then check if once you decide to stop it, the belt stops immediately, if this happens then you are sure that the tension is adjusted in the right way.
As a last step, after having checked all this, it is necessary to switch off the tool, disconnect the plug from the electric current again and carry out the assembly of the upper case.
Simple operations that, if carried out paying attention to what is recommended, will allow you to continue using your treadmill for a long time.

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