Running on the treadmill: advantages and disadvantages

Running on the treadmill can’t be compared with running in the open air, which can give an unprecedented feeling of freedom, but the use of the tape is very useful in terms of comfort, especially in the case of a training or physical conditioning program.

It is not a fashion, but an activity that allows you to benefit from some advantages compared to running on the street but, unfortunately, also, running on the motorized treadmill can be the ideal solution for all those sports who need to continue training Many people think that if you have a passion for running and running, you should be able to train on asphalt, clay or mountains, as long as it is outdoors and not indoors. Let’s look at the strengths and weaknesses of the treadmill and see if running on the belt is a good or a bad idea.

Running on the treadmill can be compared with running on the street, because both have their own characteristics, but there are some differences between the two. Running on the treadmill is less natural than running outside, but it can be useful in certain situations, and we will now try to understand why.

The treadmill is a machine that helps us run, but it is different from what happens when we run in the open air, because it does not allow us to do so naturally.

We are forced to run on the treadmill in a manner that differs from running in the open air. This is due to the fact that the belt does not allow us to move as we would in the open air. We can only run on the treadmill in a way that resembles running on a track.

This is why it is better to think of a treadmill as a track, and not as a treadmill. The treadmill is also different from the track in the sense that it is a closed system, which means that the air inside is controlled and is not exchanged with the outside. When we run outdoors, the air is not controlled by us; it is our lungs that control it.

Is running on the treadmill good or bad?

To practice treadmill consistently, one has to analyze the bio-mechanics of one’s body: in fact, many people feel good during a treadmill workout since their motor condition does not undergo profound variations between running outdoors and running on the belt.

Other people suffer from greater bio-mechanical alterations, unable to maintain a fluid and dynamic running, with the risk of developing overloads.

Research done on the use of the treadmill has shown how inflammation of the periosteum can occur in the anterior compartment of the tibia, which is also known as shin splints. The inflammations can be caused by using the treadmill because one is inclined to raise the tip of the foot more during the run in order not to trip on the rotating belt.

The impact on the tibia depends on the way each person runs, there are those who have a small impact and those who have a bigger impact.

According to studies, if you run on the treadmill every day, you will decrease the impact of the heel on the ground, as the stride is shorter. It is always a good idea to use the treadmill as a complement to running in the open air and never completely substitute, except in the case of conditioning and muscle rehabilitation.

If you use the treadmill every day, you can improve your running technique, arm movement, and chest position so that you can increase your performance and stride frequencies.

While it may be uncomfortable for many people, running on the treadmill is a viable alternative, and it doesn’t hurt at all.


Do treadmills every day

If you can’t go running outside for various reasons, such as inadequate soil conditions, adverse weather conditions or other, doing treadmills every day is a good alternative. If you are a beginner, the treadmill can be used to start new training programs.

Regular use of the treadmill brings great benefits to the body’s cardiovascular system. The metabolism is stimulated by continuous training on the treadmill for at least 30-40 minutes a day at a moderate speed. It’s easier to lose fat and gain muscle mass with this change.

Many competitive runners will turn their noses up at the idea of treadmill training being an alternative to running. The treadmill is the ideal tool to be able to have a controlled condition and allow the body to perform specific jobs, with the possibility of always being able, because running in the open air cannot be replaced by anything.

All the advantages and disadvantages of the treadmill

Is it better to run on a treadmill or in the open air? There is no general answer to this, but we can say that the treadmill is good for everyone.

Let’s start with the disadvantages of the treadmill:

  • For many people, running on the treadmill is more tiring : this happens because the sliding of the carpet brings the foot back just at the same moment in which, physiologically, it should be used to push the body forward. The bio-mechanics that are generated is certainly more unnatural and tiring, especially at high speeds.
  • Running is more boring : compared to the open air: undoubtedly, running with the treadmill is less captivating, since you are not immersed in environments and landscapes that help relieve fatigue and stress (unless you take it with built-in tv).
  • The training is structured indoors : it is usually warmer than the outside because you are in environments such as gyms.
  • A good push forward is missing : the work of the quadriceps is higher, with a consequent effort of the anterior tibial, which in some cases can become inflamed.
  • Too much elasticity and cushioning : although this is a positive aspect for the knees, a prolonged run on a treadmill can increase the risk of inflammation of the Achilles tendon.
  • Obviously there are not only cons in using the treadmill, on the contrary, there are undeniable advantages, which make the treadmill the ideal choice for many people.

The benefits of using the treadmill are:

  • You can always run, even in adverse weather conditions : rain, snow, wind and darkness cannot stop a good jog if you have a treadmill at home, in fact you can continue to run safely, even in air-conditioned environments, choosing any time to the training session.
  • The cushioning reduces the impact on the joints , especially those of the knees, when compared to running on asphalt and concrete.
  • If you carefully study your body bio-mechanics and find the right balance, running on the treadmill becomes less strenuous and you can maintain a more constant speed.
  • Possibility to set the speed and carefully study the training : in this way it will be possible to follow a structured program more scrupulously.
  • Ability to vary the inclination of the carpet : thus simulating an uphill run if you cannot go out or if you live in flat areas.

If you want to maximize your training and improve your performance, the treadmill is a very useful tool, but it is also essential for people who can’t go out to run often, because they want to keep their training program intact.

The treadmill is one of the most valid tools for constantly practicing cardio fitness, as a tool for training without stopping even for a day.

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