RUNOW 3305EB/6631CA Folding Treadmill [2021 Updated ]

The RUNOW 3305EB/6631CA Folding Treadmill that connects to your smartphone for live-streamed running and walking sessions with competitive leaderboards.

A smaller treadmill isn’t always better, but not everyone has a big gym. The Echelon Stride folds up little, making it easier to use in a small apartment or condo.
Echelon, like most folding treadmill makers, aims to make the process as simple as possible. The console, then the arms, and lastly the entire machine weighs only 156 pounds and has a 10-inch footprint when erect.

Running may be the best workout for burning the most calories in the fastest time. With the Stride, you may broadcast live and on-demand jogging or walking courses while competing against others.

To aid with your runs and walks, it offers hundreds of sessions taught by skilled trainers that will push you to do your best. The Stride’s compact design and auto-fold feature make it an enticing smart home gym device for those with limited room.


The specifications 

  • Dimensions: 208 cm x 88 cm x 150 cm
  • Height of the treadmill base: 23 cm
  • Device weight: 248 kg
  • maximum load weight: 200 kg
  • possible speed: 1 to 20 km / h
  • Usable running surface: 160 cm x 60 cm
  • including transport rollers
  • Tensioner: Belt (Poly-V)
  • can be used with POLAR devices to measure heart rate 
  • fan
  • Bottle holder
  • Emergency brake if the device becomes too fast
  • double tray 

Because of its dimensions and maximum user weight, the Bodytone EVOT2 is ideal as a professional treadmill for every fitness studio and, thanks to its modern design, looks appealing in hotels.

With the ability to configure the color, the treadmill adapts to the interior. 


  • Shock absorbers protect knees and joints while reducing noise.
  • The console shows your heart rate, incline, pace, distance, time, and calories.
  • Get a personal trainer and a health report with the G-Fit Bluetooth Connect app.
  • Easy to fold and store. Incline from 0 to 15%.


  • Because the treadmill is tiny (16.5′′ W X 47′′ L), the arm rails are close together.


With the RUNOW 3305EB/6631CA Folding Treadmill from the manufacturer of the same name from southern Spain, you can easily track your successes during training and optimize it using the recorded results.

The console has easy-to-use buttons that have a quick access function so that you don’t have to stop to make settings while exercising. 

There are seven displays that inform you about your training and are used to set the workout:

They display all of this information in large letters that are easy to read, even at high speeds or during a strenuous program.

 I used the console for the devices of the “Evolution Cardio” series, which because of their high-quality workmanship are perfect for workouts in your own four walls or in the studio.  

The features of the console

Besides the performance indicators already mentioned, the RUNOW 3305EB/6631CA Folding Treadmill  has other functions that are useful for your training.

It has another display that records the incline covered so far and thus enables your progress to be visualized

The large plus and minus buttons help you set the resistance or the speed.

With the green Quick Start button, you can start cardio training immediately and use the other setting buttons to adapt the workout to your plan during the workout. 

Here you can, for example, choose one of the many cardio programs that will be used immediately.

You can stop the program immediately and relax with the “Stop” button. Ease of use is offered with the RUNOW 3305EB/6631CA Folding Treadmill!

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