RUNOW Folding Treadmill for Home [2023 Updated ]

This under-desk treadmill includes all the features seen on similar treadmills on the market. A safety key, a remote control, Bluetooth connectivity, a phone holder, and a retractable armrest are all included.

The vertical bracket can be removed, like with some other models, to make it simpler to fit underneath a standing desk so that you can use it while working. I removed this bracket with a wrench, and the technique is a little more difficult to repeat regularly.

However, if you intend to use it beneath your desk, you can remove the bracket and leave it there with no problems. The remote allows you to adjust the settings without bending down or hunching over.

There are touch controls to control the settings if we leave the bracket on. This under-desk treadmill also comes with an ultra-quiet engine and a running belt that effectively muffles the sound of footfalls.

The GYMAX is one of the greatest under desk treadmills with all the bells and whistles, even if it doesn’t fold as well as a folding under desk treadmill. It’s simple to use, and setting it up for a run doesn’t take much time out of your day.


  • Material: Steel + ABS
  • Walking Belt Size: 41” x 17” (L x W)
  • Motor: 1HP
  • Product Dimensions: 51.5” x 23.5” x 6” (L x W x H)
  • Product Weight: 55.5LBS
  • 12 Programs to choose from
  • Adjustable Speed: 0.5-4MPH
  • Weight capacity: 220LBS
RUNOW Folding Treadmill for Home


  • Affordable
  • Underneath any standing desk
  • It’s a good-sized walking platform that doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  • When not in use, it slides into a closet or beneath a bed.
  • Cushioning is improved by using rubber feet under the deck.
  • The small remote does not obstruct your view.


  • The desk is not included.
  • The treadmill console under your desk can be difficult to see.
  • There are no speed or distance stats provided by the remote.
  • When walking in front of a desk, 3″ high feet generate a slight inclination, which might be uncomfortable.

The RUNOW Folding Treadmill with Incline is a home or office-friendly electric jogging and running workout equipment featuring a 2.5 horsepower engine, a 16.5-inch wide running deck, and an LCD display panel.

At the time of this product review, 14 buyers had given this December 13, 2020 release treadmill an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

It boasts a robust 2.5HP motor that allows you to exercise easily on its 49.2 x 16.5-inch running belt.

For walking, jogging, or running, we can easily adjust the speed between 0.6 and 8.1 mph. On this compact and foldable treadmill, the maximum total user weight supported is 220 pounds or 100 kilograms.

There are 36 workout modes for various reasons such as cardiovascular fitness, strength training, calorie and fat burning, and weight loss.

You also have the option of using the three manual inclination settings for a little extra challenge, burning more calories and toning your legs and buttocks.

The typical workout information, such as calories burnt, distance traveled, current speed, time exercised, and heart rate, are displayed on the 18-inch LCD-backlit performance monitor.

You’ll be able to keep track of your progress and exercise more effectively. You can also choose from a variety of preset workout settings and flip between them.

To change from kph to mph, unplug the safety key and push the M and P buttons together for a few seconds.

The display will adjust accordingly. In front of you is a large storage table with a cup or bottle holder where you may put a couple of your little goods.

It contains built-in safety measures such as an auto-stop safety key in the middle that allows it to come to a complete halt in the event of an emergency.

The level 6 dampening system and an anti-slip and anti-static lawn texture belt are included in the double deck running board with high density, strength, and elasticity.

The multilayer overlaid design of this treadmill’s 1.6mm thick 7-layer running belt is softer and more comfortable than conventional. It effectively lowers vibrations when jogging to assist protect your ankle and knee joints.

Even when running at the maximum speed of 13kph, it stipulated the vibration value to be less than 0.28mm/s (8.1mph).

Folding Treadmill with Incline LCD Display from RUNOW

The 110-pound RUNOW Folding Treadmill measures 60.4 x 26.6 x 55.9 inches when completed and 37.6 x 26.6 x 55.9 inches when folded.

With its hydraulic system, this tiny, slender, and portable treadmill can be folded with with one hand.

When you need to move it to another room or get it out of the way in your living area, you may use its two transportation wheels to push or pull it.

It is a strong, dependable, safe, and steady treadmill that people of all ages and fitness levels can use.

It’s built of high-quality, extremely durable metal materials in a one-piece molding with excellent craftsmanship.

With the powerful yet low-noise 2.5HP engine and the shock-absorbing multi-layer tread belt, you can jog or run silently at less than 60 dB.

The 7 layers of shock absorption technology on the running deck help to reduce the impact on your knee and ankle joints, hips, and lower back.

The treadmill, as well as a user handbook and installation supplies, are included in the box.

With the directions and simple equipment supplied in the package, you can put it together in about half an hour.

I said customer service to be excellent and that they answer swiftly.

It is suited for usage in compact places, and after each use, you can simply fold it and place it against a wall in the corner of your room.

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