Sole F65 Treadmill-Reviews In 2023

The F65 treadmill by Sole by Hammer is a professional home appliance, which in our opinion, is perfect for the weekly movement.

Especially if you want to reduce weight and have joint pain, the F65 treadmill is just the right thing despite the higher price.

NEW 2017: From 2017, the Sole F65 is equipped with Bluetooth and can be controlled with the new APP Sole Fitness.

Thanks to the robust construction made of high-quality steel, the F65 treadmill allows a maximum user weight of up to 150 kg. Another unique feature is the cushioned tread.

If you already suffer from regular knee pain in everyday life, the F65 treadmill is just right for you because the tread is equipped with the flexible suspension, which reduces the joint load by up to 40%! In the evening after work,

You can still walk a few meters on the treadmill and strengthen your muscles without causing further pain.

On the contrary, with regular exercise, the stability of the muscles improves, and it could be a new step in a pain-free life.

The training programs are designed by the way obvious and allow an immediate start of training.

Simply press the desired program and press the start button – and the treadmill starts your first exercise. You can train at a maximum speed of up to 18 km / h with an engine output of 3.5 HP.

Both advanced and absolute beginners can use the F65 treadmill to find all the functions they need to achieve their personal training goals in the long term.

Training with the F65 treadmill from Sole by Hammer

Clearly, you don’t just have to buy the treadmill. The regularity of the training is the most important thing, and especially at the beginning, you should rather go at the absolute “turtle pace” and do this 2-3 times a week. 

Additional training weeks are definitely available to increase once you have the treadmill! The personal burden plays an important role.

 We recommend that you start training right at the beginning with the included chest strap.

 As soon as you have determined your maximum heart rate (program recommendation: Fit Test), you have your own user memory that stores this value. 

When exercising with a chest belt, the F65 treadmill always receives your pulse and adjusts both speed and incline to your specified maximum heart rate.

 Other programs enable many other great training options such as improving cardiovascular function, endurance, musculature, and, in general, regular exercise provides a new feeling for life. 

And if you do not want to use the treadmill, so you can go running outdoors in summer, you can do this with the folding function”Pack” in the smallest of storage spaces and place them in a safe place with the transport rollers. 

With the F65 treadmill, you get an exceptionally high-quality treadmill that was developed based on Hammer’s experience and offers you maximum comfort. 

You can even connect the smartphone (AUX cable included) and listen to your favorite music with the speakers.


Cushioning Sole F65 treadmill:

  • Do your knees hurt when you walk on the asphalt? Thanks to the flexible suspension, the F65 treadmill reduces joint stress by up to 40%

Console Sole F65 treadmill:

  • Clear 7.5-inch blue backlight LCD console
  • Training programs: 5 profile programs, two user programs, two heart rate programs, manual
  • Bluetooth function – for using the new Sole Fitness APP
  • Quick selection buttons: speed, incline, start, stop and for all programs
  • AUX connection for MP3 players or smartphones
  • Sound system: You can connect your music via AUX for an entertaining workout
  • Two speakers
  • Headphone jack
  • Bottle holder
  • fan

Training programs Sole by Hammer F65 treadmill:

  • Hill: Simulates mountain and valley routes, the resistance always increases or decreases
  • Heart rate: Fat Burn: Program for a performance at 65% of the max. Heart rate strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves endurance through increased blood circulation and lung capacity. Maximum fat improvement effect
  • Cardio: Strengthens cardiovascular function, improves endurance through increased blood circulation and lung capacity
  • Strength: Training with high resistance, improves the muscles
  • Interval: Improves endurance through different, changing loads
  • Fit Test: determines your fitness level
  • User programs: Allows adaptation to individual training requirements or needs
  • Heart rate programs: adjusts both the speed and the incline of your specified heart rate (automatic)

Pulse measurement Sole F65 treadmill:

  • Two training programs for the heart rate
  • Upper pulse limit adjustable (percentage display)
  • Hand pulse measurement directly on the console
  • Chest strap included

Mechanical construction F65 treadmill:

  • EASY ASSIST: Foldable tread saves space when not in use
  • Integrated transport rollers
  • Engine: 3.75 HP engine
  • Speed : 0 – 18km / h
  • Incline: 15 incline levels
  • Tread : 508mm x 1560mm
  • Assembly size : 885mm x 2105mm x 1442mm (length x width x height)
  • Maximum user weight: 150kg
  • Deadweight (net / gross): 115kg / 127kg
  • Material frame: steel, welded

Overview Sole F65 treadmill properties

scope of application

  • Home use
  • Semi-professional use

Power connection needed

  • Yes

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