Sole F85 Treadmill – Reviews In 2023

Fat burning at the highest level! With the F85 treadmill by Sole (by Hammer), you get a professional treadmill for home, studio, or semi-professional use with a maximum user weight of 180kg!

New 2017: From 2017, the Sole F85 treadmill is Bluetooth compatible and can be controlled with the Sole Fitness APP. A great function.

The unusually robust, durable steel structure of the frame ensures a long service life, which can also be said about the engine and other structural components.

 The best artistry is essential here. 

The F85 also offers many great programs that maximize the fun of training. 

Additional functions, such as the loudspeaker and the integrated fan, significantly increase comfort during exercise.

 First, let’s take a closer look at the console, with just a glance at the console, the functions start-up – and not pushing. 

It is straightforward, quick selection buttons enable an immediate training start, at the same time, an intensive set of your user data. 

You can create up to two user-profiles and thus track your training progress. 

The particularly secure handling allows a quick selection of the preset programs that can be used with and without heart rate.

Are you looking for a treadmill with which you want to improve your personal fitness/health?

With two specially selected heart rate programs, the F85 treadmill offers excellent heart rate training. In the first step, of course, you first have to connect the included chest strap to the device. 

Then select the maximum heart rate in the desired program, and your body will, depending on the application, consistently remain at 65% (example) of your maximum heart rate.

 Simultaneously, you can simulate various mountain-valley routes (regardless of the program of the same name) with the quick selection buttons by increasing the incline from 0 to 15%, thus increasing your performance level. 

The specific heart rate training programs will both the speed and slope of the F85 treadmill ADAPTED to your heart rate. 

If you overload your heart, speed and incline are reduced immediately.

 Conversely, this is increased – if you have covered the first few kilometers without problems.

Joint problems? No problem with the F85 treadmill!

The F85 by Sole is equipped with an exceptional flex suspension. A damping system, which ensures a particularly joint-friendly running. 

In a direct comparison with running on asphalt, the joint loads when running with the F85 are reduced by 40%. So if you have higher body weight and your knees hurt a little with every step, the F85 would be the first step in a healthy lifestyle.

 You can train slowly, regularly, move around and save yourself the difficult trip to the gym. With a maximum user weight of 150kg, the F85 is a long-lasting companion on your way.

Cushioning Sole F85 treadmill:

Thanks to the flexible suspension, you are given comfortable, joint-friendly training with unique smoothness. Compared to walking on regular asphalt, the joint load is reduced by around 40%.

Console Sole F85 treadmill:

Console Sole F85 treadmill:

  • Clear 10.1-inch blue backlight TFT console
  • Bluetooth function – for using the Sole Fitness APP
  • The device can be controlled via the app
  • Displays: distance, time, speed, calorie consumption, incline, pulse, training programs
  • Permanent display: 6 + 1
  • Training programs: 10 fitness programs, two user programs, two heart rate programs
  • Quick selection buttons: speed, incline, start, stop and for all programs
  • AUX connection for MP3 players or smartphones
  • Sound system: You can connect your music via AUX for an entertaining workout
  • Two speakers
  • Headphone jack
  • Bottle holder
  • fan

Training programs Sole by Hammer F85 treadmill:

  • Hill: Simulates mountain and valley routes, the resistance always increases or decreases
  • Heart rate: Fat Burn: Program for a performance at 65% of the max. Heart rate strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves endurance through increased blood circulation and lung capacity. Maximum fat improvement effect
  • Cardio: Strengthens cardiovascular function, enhances endurance through increased blood circulation and lung capacity
  • Strength: Training with high resistance, improves the muscles
  • Interval: Improves endurance through different, changing loads
  • Fit Test: determines your fitness level
  • User programs: Allows adaptation to individual training requirements or needs
  • Heart rate programs: adjusts both the speed and the incline of your specified heart rate (automatic)

Pulse measurement Sole F85 treadmill:

  • Two training programs for the heart rate
  • Upper pulse limit adjustable (percentage display)
  • Hand pulse measurement directly on the console
  • Chest strap included

Mechanical construction F85 treadmill:

  • EASY ASSIST: Foldable tread saves space when not in use
  • Integrated transport rollers
  • Engine: 4.0 HP engine
  • Security clip
  • Speed : 1 – 18km / h
  • Incline : 15 incline levels
  • Tread : 559mm x 1560mm
  • Installation dimensions: 204cm x 93cm x 145cm (length x width x height)
  • Maximum user weight: 180kg
  • Dead weight (net / gross): 125kg / 140kg
  • Material frame: steel, welded

Overview of Sole F85 treadmill properties

scope of application

  • Home use
  • Semi-professional use

Power connection needed

  • Yes

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