Speedfit Speedboard Proxl Curved Treadmill [2021 Edition]

SpeedFit is the 2nd generation of the non-motorized treadmill Speedboard series, an unparallled new generation of treadmills. Step on the speedboard and life is brought to the gravity of your own body! Start walking, go up to the curved surface a little further and start running, get up again, start sprinting, step back and stop the speed board.

The breakthrough Speedboard Pro XL is the very first manual workstation that allows you to run easily and perform better than a motorized runner or on the track.

 The low-mass, shock-absorbing tape belt system is smooth, calm, robust and useless; pleasant with the greatest amount of effort on an unmotorized tape. The Speedboard Pro is designed to deliver years of trouble-free operation, and the latest fitness machine made to date.

Speedboard Pro is designed for performance and quality and offers an exceptional fitness experience for a sportsman on a machine, which offers years of maintenancefree service.

The curved profile with its soft belt suits your steps, reduces joint stress and enables you to adapt your speed naturally from standing up to a complete sprint by easily adjusting your position on the belt.



  • Speedfit is an unbelievably revolutionary, time-efficient program based on your own speed. Discover the best and most exciting exercise
  • The Speedfit systems design a number of 5000 individual exercises, which all take less than 10 minutes from one simple test.
  • Speedfit is the only fitness system with a standardized fitness level based exclusively on your potential
  • Speedfit maintains the way but eliminates the routine jogging and introduces a quick sprint running on your feet’s balls
  • In a shorter period, SpeedFit uses more of your energy. You will consume many more calories, the net result is



Speedfit Speedboard Proxl Curved Treadmill

Thanks to its unique curved shape and innovative mechanism, the Speedfit Speedboard Proxl Curved Treadmill  helps you regain a natural stride indoors and develop perfect running technique.

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Max speed

Unlimited km / h

Peak power (HP CV)

N / C CV

Running surface

160 x 45

Cushioning system

Wooden slats


175 cm


86 cm


166 cm


110 kg



Max user weight

160 kg



Carton dimensions

1.95 x 0.8 x 0.9 (L x W x H)

DESCRIPTION OF THE Speedfit Speedboard Proxl Curved Treadmill 


Curved running surface of 45 x 160 cm, ideal for all types of builds. Excellent cushioning designed with slats with non-slip coating that protects you from shocks and vibrations.


For all sportsmen, amateurs or enthusiasts, this Speedfit Speedboard Proxl Curved Treadmill   reinvents indoor running. On this mat, you can walk at 1 km / h or sprint at 40 km / h. It improves the runner’s posture, you have the choice to walk, run, do interval training, ideal for rehabilitation.


Integrated 17.3-inch touchscreen with Speedfit Speedboard Proxl Curved Treadmill   that provides performance data and offers you preset workouts in videos.


Choose from the Quick Start program, the pre-recorded exercises or the location of your race.


displays distance traveled, duration, running speed, average pace, calories burned. You have the option of choosing the type of data you want to see on the screen during your session.

Power supply needed for the console.

Wood: Club-Sport,
Steel structure,
Slats: rubber coating,
High-end bearings, greased for life.

• No maintenance,
• Lifespan of at least 10 years (at the rate of 10 hours of use per day),
• Two wheels under the mat allow it to be moved by one person.

The warranty for your Sprintbok machine is two years.

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