Starting to run: the basic requirements

We do not want to lie or take a too friendly attitude: running is a sport for many but not for everyone.
We are talking about a rather demanding physical activity even if carried out at low intensity, especially if our general state of form is not exactly that of an Olympic athlete.

Before running consistently and to reach a good time, it will be necessary to verify the possession of some basic requirements.

First, we must be in an adequate state of health: it seems obvious, in reality very few aspiring runners go to the doctor before starting the activity. A fitness visit to sport is absolutely recommended , which can be performed at a sports center or a specialized doctor (there are many in all cities).

The cost may vary, but on average it is around 40.00 – 50.00 euros.
In this way, you will know you do not have pathologies (especially cardiac diseases) that discourage physical activity.

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Avoid the general practitioner, who does not have the instrumentation or the qualification to evaluate the suitability and will probably advise you to take “good walks” and leave the running alone.

 Maybe we are a little bad, but general practitioners deal with elderly people and not with athletes. There is time for the stick and the semolina, now you want to run!

Now that you know you are fit for sporting activities, you have to do an examination of conscience and verify that you have a suitable “frame” for running. 

Running is a sport that can be traumatic for the joints (because of the force of gravity) and is not recommended for those who are heavily overweight.

Only a few will think they are. To be more aim and not indulge too much to ourselves, we vare a check through the ‘ Body Mass Index (BMI or Body Mass Index), thanks to which have a biometric aim.

We can refer to authors such as the excellent Roberto Albanesi who give as 27 maximum BMI compatible with running (25 for women), so if you are seriously overweight before it is better to practice sports that give less load to the joints (cycling, swimming, long walks).

So: health OK, weight OK… at this point you just have to put on a pair of “decent” shoes and start your first running session!

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