Tables for treadmills

All treadmills have a MAXIMUM USER CAPACITY, but often the data is not real as sometimes even small treadmills with modest technical characteristics report a maximum user weight of 110/120 kg on the card.

We carried out some DYNAMIC tests (i.e. running) on ​​the treadmills and we found that a person of 80 kg can exert a pressure of 120 kg during the run on the carpet, the run on the treadmill is a jump run (different from running on Street).

Our advice is to buy a treadmill with a capacity significantly higher than the user’s weight.

We as Technical help produce the Spare Tables for treadmills but our tables have no problems of breakage as we use high-quality resistant and flexible wood (to cushion), while normally the standard boards of economic treadmills are made of chipboard. Compressed to break with wear and humidity.

In the images, you can see some drawings that are sent to us by customers to redo their tables.

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