TELESPORT Folding Treadmill [2021 Updated ]

Offer your workers a healthier work environment. The TR5000-DT7 treadmill table offers the perfect solution for more activity in the workplace. Equipped with a maintenance-free running belt, 2.5 cm thick running deck and 3 HP strong motor, which gives the treadmill a long service life. The integrated console gives you an overview of your steps, time, distance, calories and speed.


Promote health in the workplace by creating competitions such as “Who can take the most steps in a work week?” Connect the Active Trac app to the integrated Bluetooth to save all progress data. Follow the thousands of businesses, universities and public institutions that have already ventured into the active office lifestyle.

Productivity in the workplace

The sophisticated, modern design and the durable construction make the TR5000-DT7 the perfect addition to your workplace. Walking quietly ensures consideration for colleagues while you walk for miles and thus increase productivity. High quality components suppress mechanical noise and dampen vibrations.

Mouse silent, 3hp commercial engine. 6 Impact-Absorbing Shocks dampen running noises, strong construction can withstand up to 180kg.

DT7 desk

The work surface can be electronically adjusted from 70cm to 130cm in height at the push of a button, so that everyone can find the right position. With a work surface of 96c in width, the DT5 offers enough work space. The hand rests provide the necessary comfort while walking and working. The console is integrated in the middle of the handle rests and gives the user full control.

Vertically adjustable from 70cm to 130cm. Work surface with a width of 97cm. Electronically adjustable in height.

Internal cable system

The days of hiding power cables are over. Usually you have to hide your computer cables crawling around, and in the end you can still see them. With the LifeSpan tables that is a thing of the past. Thanks to the internal cable system, all cables are hidden from view, which of course also contributes to safety.


Unique system with patent. Easy to reach power cord. No more loose cables.

RPM, distance, calories and intensity display for a complete overview. Apple Health and Google Fit can be connected. Social media integration via Facebook and Twitter.

Frame / welds:  Lifetime
running surface:  2 years
Motor:  Lifetime
individual parts:  2 years

Weight: 107 kg

Dimensions:  174 x 96.5 x 121.9 cm

Dimensions of the running surface:  142×51 cm


Maximum loadable weight: 180 kg

You can find the product in the following categories:

[Electric Treadmill with No Installation] 7 Layers Thickness, 16.5″ Wide Tread Belt, Sturdy, Non-slip, Anti-shock, Noise Absorption, Tread Belt, Supports a weight of 290 pounds. Folding hydraulic rod for simple storage.
[13 Speeds] [13 Speeds] [13 Speeds] [13 Speeds Walking is (1-4)KM/H, jogging is (5-9)KM/H, and running is (10-13)KM/H. Treadmill for Man/Women/Child/Aged People with Safety Key for Emergency Disconnected
[5” LCD Manual Display]
Keep track of your time, speed, distance, calories burned, and heart rate ( Detected by Sensor Handle). 1 to 12 different pre-programmed options Exercise Modes for Customized Workouts
[Handles for Heart Rate] While exercising, the iPad holder, bottle holders, and built-in double speaker provide convenience. Transform Wheels make it simple to move around.
[100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed] If it is our fault, we provide an unconditional return and refund or a free replacement. If you have any questions or requests, please send us a message and we will respond within 24 hours.

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