The Belts of the treadmills

It does not make the belts of all treadmills up of a single body but has a heat seal. , precisely this type of welding causes the belt at the junction point to be thicker than its normal thickness.

This greater thickness means that the belt is slightly noisier during the first hours of use. In fact, with passaging time, the excess welding becomes thinner, causing less noise as it passes over the treadmill rollers.

Sometimes a zig zag is also visible as the two ends of the tapes are cut in a zig-zag pattern before welding and then fit together and heat welded.


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We produce treadmill belts of any size .

Usually the tapes used in the gym are thicker than home tapes, as the intensive use 8-10 hours a day could excessively stress the welding reducing the life of the tape.

We remind you that belts with a standard thickness, i.e. under 2 mm, are fine for domestic use as the so-called thicker and therefore heavier orthopedic belts could reduce the life of the motor .

Only treadmills with a continuous 3.5 hp motor can mount orthopedic belts.

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