The difference between running and using a treadmill

“I’ve been told that unlike running on a treadmill, you don’t get the same benefits as running on a treadmill.

Running on a treadmill feels more physically easier because I pulled the land under your feet and do not resist the wind.

 On the treadmill, the smaller stabilizer muscles in your lower legs don’t have to work hard.

Running outside demands more from your body. Because you are walking by pulling your body forward. 

Your calf muscles should be a lot harder than when you’re on a treadmill. 


As a result, many runners experience calf muscle pain, shin splints , Achilles tendinitis, and other problems after running only on a treadmill for long periods of time .

If you’re in the habit of running only on a treadmill, you should gradually ease outdoor running to avoid injury. 

Always start a quick run outside once or twice a week before running outside. Do not forget to straighten the calf, especially after running.

Running outdoors can be a little harder physically, but running on a treadmill creates mental problems. 

Mentally, you can have a hard time dealing with the monotony of a treadmill. (Boredom on the treadmill for a stroke a few tricks for is here.)

Some runners will produce congestion will find it very easy to run out of time.

So, incorporating a treadmill that takes part in training can actually improve your own mental personality through boring runs

And there are many other benefits of running a treadmill. A treadmill is a much better option than running outdoors when conditions (foul weather, darkness) are dangerous.

Many treadmills are padded, making them a good option to reduce shock if you are overweight or prone to injury (especially if you have knee problems). 

You can also easily track distance and speed and set your pace and course to get exactly what you need. 

There is absolutely no benefit to thinking of a treadmill as “cheating”.

Bottom Line: If you are training for a specific outdoor race, train outside as much as possible to prepare physically and mentally for the racing conditions. 

Your body needs time to adapt to the stress of running on the pavement. The only way to make sure you’re ready to race outdoors is to run outdoors.

To end up running a lot of treadmills, follow these tips for running treadmills for safety .

 Also, setting the running mill slope setting to 1% can better simulate the resistance that can occur when driving outdoors.

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