The enemies of the treadmill: humidity, dust, sweat, silicone.

Several factors can affect the ” life ” of our treadmill , sometimes they are environmental, other times due to our actions or omissions .

The treadmills fear humidity and therefore we must avoid placing them in places where condensation forms such as verandas, balconies, etc … the water could damage the electronic board of the treadmill or the console. However, if it is a sheltered area you can try to use breathing sheets (such as motorcycle covers).

The electronics of the treadmill fear dirt and dust .

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The belt and carpet must be cleaned each time they are used to prevent the plastics from staining or the ferrous parts from rusting.

A tip is to use a pair of running shoes only for running on the treadmill and not to use the same shoes to go and play Tennis !!!

See photo below.

Once a year the engine compartment should be opened and dust removed with a vacuum cleaner.

All treadmills must be lubricated with specific oil and not with silicone oil that creates greater friction by straining the engine and also roams the running belt.We have created a specific Teflon-based oil blend for treadmills that stretches life to the engine and the belt.

Also remember to always unplug the power supply and set off on the footrest and not directly on the belt of the treadmill.

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