The Noise of the Treadmills (2nd part)

From today, we can provide precise information regarding the dB ( decibels ) that is the noise of the treadmills .

The dB is the measure of the intensity level of the sounds.

2 fundamental components: frequency and intensity characterize the sounds

A single frequency characterizes a pure tone, but I composed the real sounds of several frequencies that determine the timbre.

L ‘ intensity of the sound is determined by the amplitude of the sound pressure perturbations.

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The human auditory system can hear sounds with amplitudes ranging from 20 millionths of Pa (hearing threshold) to 100-200 Pa (pain threshold).

100-200 Pa corresponds to 140 dB.

The sound sources generate sounds in a certain range of frequencies and the human auditory system perceives sounds between 20-20,000 hz (frequency)

The intensity of the auditory stimulus of the human ear is not linear ——- decibel scale

A bird strapping corresponds to 20 dB, an employee writing to the PC corresponds to 60 dB , a plane taking off corresponds to 140 dB

Others, e.g. a saucepan of water boiling 45 dB , running water from the sink 72 dB , an electric toothbrush running 80 dB .

A fact to take into consideration in our survey is that we have not eliminated the background noise even if we have measured the noise of the treadmills in the apparent absence of noise.

Another fact to take into consideration is inside the sound, as the noise of the treadmill has a periodic frequency ——- time, frequency.

The sound level meter was in the position of perception of sound by a human ear and not in direct contact with the place of origin of the noise.

The sound level meter we use has a maximum margin of error of 3.5 dB .

I performed the noise test of the Toorx TRX-80S treadmill with no load and with the user during use :

– 4 km / h without a load of 45 dB

– 4 km / h with the person walking 53 dB

– 8 km / h without load 55 dB

– 8 km / h with the person walking fast (almost running) 60 dB

– 12 km / h without load 63 dB

– 12 km / h with the person running 65 dB

The person used to carry out this test weighs 72 kg.

We can safely say that the treadmills are silent and can be used in any type of home.

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