The programs of the treadmill

All electric treadmills are equipped with preset programs with varying speed and / or incline. In our opinion, the only really indispensable program is the cardio program called HRC (heart rate control).

This means that the machine measures your heart rate during exercise and adjusts the speed and/or incline of the treadmill accordingly to achieve your desired intensity of exercise.

A hand pulse is not an alternative to heart rate monitors. You must use a heart rate monitor to get accurate readings. Bands other than Polar but traveling on the same frequency can also be used.

The treadmills come with a wide variety of pre-programmed workouts and settings for different activities. The most important thing to remember is that you cannot just simply choose one workout or program and expect it to do all your work for you. You need to select a program that suits your fitness level and your goals.

For example, if you are a beginner and want to lose weight and tone up, you should choose the “weight loss” or “cardio” programs.

As your fitness improves, you can try other types of programs such as “aerobics” or “strength training”.

Treadmill machines with a heart rate monitor will usually include an instruction booklet on how to set up the machine and use the included heart rate monitor. The manual is essential to learning how to use the treadmill correctly and safely.


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