The psychic benefits of running

We already talked about the physical benefits of running in a previous post . These are objective and widely demonstrated data.
These should already be enough to convince skeptics to put on their shoes and leave the house.

But every runner knows very well that running does not only have a beneficial effect on the body and this is often the most interesting aspect.

Let’s see some aspects of the benefits that running brings to our mind and our life.

Running first of all involves an increase in the ability to withstand fatigue and discomfort.

 Completing a workout despite fatigue or adverse weather conditions, or getting up from a comfortable sofa to go out for a run in the dark or in the fog, are situations that involve a certain amount of willpower and a consequent increase in self-esteem . 

The problems of everyday life are often reduced and faced with greater self-confidence and with greater emotional stability.

Running, like other intense physical activities, involves a marked increase in the release of endorphins , chemicals similar to morphines, but of endogenous production (hence the name).

 The effect they produce is a pleasant feeling of well-being, useful during the run to counteract the effects of fatigue, but which also last at the end of the workout, leading to a marked reduction in stress and tension. 

Not infrequently you will hear someone say “I’m going to run to dump”. Relaxation, escapism, euphoria, serenity, I prefer to call it simply happiness, a general improvement in the mood , one of the greatest rewards of running.

Some therapists go so far as to prescribe running as an adjunct to combat addictions , not only from drugs (the most serious cases), but also from alcohol and smoking, so widespread in our society that they become real social plagues.

I leave for last one of the benefits that I consider most important: the social one . Running in company, participating in a foot race, sharing fatigue and joy is one of the most enjoyable aspects of running. 

Personally I have seen many acquaintances and friendships (and perhaps some marriages) born thanks to the race. Running as a socializing tool, an interest to be shared with others.

 If you thought that the disco or nightclub was the best place to expand your knowledge and make new friends, you are definitely wrong: join a running group!

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