The structure of the treadmill

The treadmills can be of 3 types: assembled , pre-assembled and to be assembled . The assembled rugs are the so-called space-saving , completely resealable rugs in a few centimeters.

In many of the products we tested, the manufacturer declares a maximum user weight that is higher than the real one, but we found out that in most of them, they are wrong when the product is in motion.

In fact, when you test the products with an dynamometer, you will find out that these are not true.

A person weighing over 90 kilograms will have to buy a carpet with a higher load capacity if they are running at 10 km / h. The heavier the treadmill frame is, the more resistant the carpet is to stress.

The standard test for load capacity is the maximum weight that can be carried on the frame. A person weighing over 80 kg should look for a treadmill with a load capacity of up to 80 kg.

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