Tips for the treadmill

A balanced physical activity is essential to keep fit, stay healthy, strengthen the immune system and even have fun.

The treadmill is the best strategy for those who want to train, but do not have much time and need a ready-to-use solution: however, once you have purchased a treadmill, how do you organize a good workout ?

The first step, as with everything, is to establish a goal to achieve: lose weight, tone up, increase endurance … and try to have a minimum of regularity in training.

How to train with the treadmill

First, pay attention to your posture to avoid possible pain or injury

To replicate walking on the outside ground it is good to set a slope ranging from 1 to 2%.
These are the technical aspects to keep in mind:

  • bust slightly forward;
  • loose arms and shoulders
  • support the whole foot , especially if the speed is not very high;
  • pay attention to the movement of the knees.
  • Lose weight on the treadmill

If your goal is to lose weight, you need to check your heart rate (60-70% of your maximum rate) and set up a training schedule that includes progressively longer sessions and not too fast .

To lose weight effectively and lastingly, it is necessary to increase the basal metabolism and therefore strengthen the muscles and lean mass, toning the muscles .
All this must be accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet to have more lasting and safe results over time : losing weight is a goal that is achieved gradually and progressively so as not to frustrate all the efforts made.

helps to lose weight and keep fit ; on average, with just 20-30 minutes of exercise at a moderate and steady pace, you can burn around 300 calories
benefits cardiovascular health;
training on the treadmill also helps to reduce the level of bad cholesterol
allows a comfortable and tailor-made training at home (even safer … these days!)
improves muscle tone and joint flexibility, helping to keep the body young, flexible and lean.
Training on the cushioned belt of the treadmill reduces the stresses on the body, especially on the back and knees, caused by the asphalt.
But how much to train with the treadmill?
Experts and doctors recommend doing at least 30 minutes of moderate training every day, three times a week.
The results are monitorable and measurable: most treadmills have a console with a digital display, where the data that can be useful to you is stored and displayed.
In fact, the monitor will be able to show you

  • the distance you have traveled
  • the calories you have burned
  • the time you have
  • Costs of the treadmill

How to orient yourself on costs and models? Here are some suggestions.

On our website , in the Treadmill section, you will find the parameters that allow you to choose the machine based on the specifications of

  • weight
  • height
  • make and model
  • motor
  • travel plan
  • type of use

Prices range from 250 euros for treadmills for models for home use up to around 8000 euros for professional and semi-professional models.

One of the most significant differences between the models is given by the power and resistance of the engine, obviously more performing for professional ones, and the percentage of impact gradually more amortized as you level up.

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