Treadmill Accessories

This page is dedicated to treadmill accessories and introduces you to some products that will help you clean and maintain your treadmill.

As for many other devices in everyday life, there are accessories for the treadmill that either contribute to the care, maintenance, or functional expansion of the treadmill.

Your treadmill will be heavily used during training and wear parts such as the belt will wear out.

This process cannot be prevented entirely but can be reduced by treatment with individual treadmill care products.

Even if it is, of course, not necessary to buy these products, it still makes sense to invest in the care and maintenance of your fitness equipment.

When you buy a treadmill, you usually pay several hundred euros and certainly want to train long-term on your new fitness equipment.

The care and maintenance of the treadmill is only one aspect with which you can increase the lifespan of your fitness equipment.

There are other treadmill accessories with which you can expand the range of functions and tackle problems such as noise or stability.

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Treadmill care products

As described in the article on treadmill care, it is essential to check the lubrication of your treadmill again and again.

To counteract unnecessary wear and to have fun on your treadmill for as long as possible, you should renew the lubrication regularly. 

The following silicone sprays are recommended.

NIGRIN special spray for treadmills:

The performance silicone lubricant spray Hybrid from NIGRIN is a frequently purchased and proven spray to renew the lubricating film of your treadmill.

This unique spray is one of the essential treadmill accessories and is sufficient for some applications.

 It is free of acids and resins, is odorless and colorless, making it ideal for lubricating a treadmill.



An exciting alternative to the T-Lube special spray is the Gymluber treadmill oil.

The pump bottle contains 250 ml of high-performance silicone oil, which, thanks to the 40 cm long straw, can be correctly distributed under the tread.

Heart rate belt for frequency controlled running

Heart rate monitored training is not just for professionals!

Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to tailor the training to your pulse. 

Thanks to the constant monitoring of your heart rate with a heart rate monitor, the treadmill can provide you with optimal training

For this purpose, your body data is transferred to your fitness equipment, which can then vary incline and speed.

Therefore, a heart rate belt is only recommended as an optional treadmill accessory. 

When buying, make sure that the heart rate belt is encoded so that there is no problem when communicating with the fitness device.

Tip: You can also use your heart rate monitor in most gyms.

Polar T31 uncoded

Heart rate belts from Polar are characterized by their high manufacturing quality and above all by their diverse compatibility with many fitness equipment.

Problems with radio transmission can often occur with cheaper models.

If necessary, make sure that your treadmill is listed among the compatible devices and which heart rate belts are recommended by the manufacturer of your treadmill.

Floor protection mat for treadmills

You can achieve three advantages by using a floor protection mat:

  1. Safe and quiet standing for your treadmill while running.
  2. Dampens vibrations and noises that arise during training.
  3. Protection of the floor, which is heavily used by the weight and exercise.

The mat should be at least as big as your treadmill and ideally larger than 2m x 1m.

Tip: Pay attention to the thickness of the mat. 0.4 cm is usually not sufficient, preferably 1 cm or more.


fit4form floor protection mat 220 x 110 cm …

  • 220 x 110 cm
  • phthalate-free, non-slip, insulating
  • ideal for treadmills, cross trainers, rowing machines

Other treadmill accessories

In addition to the care products listed above, there are other accessories for your treadmill.

However, since, in most cases, these only fit certain treadmills, it is challenging to present them to you here.

For pulse-controlled training, for example, it is necessary that the treadmill knows your current pulse.

In most cases, treadmills have sensors that measure the pulse on the palms of the hands. 

Unfortunately, these are usually quite imprecise and do not always work reliably.

Therefore, many manufacturers offer chest belts that measure the pulse and transmit the data wirelessly to your treadmill. 

Most of the time however, the chest strap is purchased separately.

When buying, pay attention to the compatibility between the belt and the treadmill.

There are certainly more treadmill accessories available for purchase.

The products mentioned here are highly recommended and have proven themselves many times over.

Tip: Ask the manufacturer of your treadmill for treadmill accessories that have been specially developed for your treadmill.

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