Treadmill Benefits and Effects, what is it for?

In today’s society, which always sees a greater number of people attentive to their physical shape, both to feel better with their body, and for health reasons in which weight loss or physical activity is required, the tools used are many .

Among these, one that is used both by those who attend gyms and by those who prefer to train in their own home, is certainly the treadmill.

What is the treadmill?

Known by the French term, the treadmill, it is a very popular and sought-after gymnastic tool in the fitness industry.

Thanks to its characteristics, it is considered as the equivalent of the stationary bike, the rollers for cyclists and the spin bike ; it is in fact made with a conveyor belt, which allows you to walk, or in some models even run, without advancing in space. 

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What is the treadmill for?

The treadmill: the best ally to keep fit, it allows you to improve your physical well-being especially what concerns the cardiovascular system.

One of its strengths is certainly its ability to eliminate the unsightly blemishes of cellulite , especially in the most strategic points, as they can be buttocks and legs, as well as ensuring a noticeable firming of the calves.
The workouts carried out are certainly intense, they can even be tiring, but compared to this, the results got are very considerable.

Because of the fatigue resulting from its use, it is advisable to start gradually, escalating the density of the rhythm of both running and walking.

Its use, constantly, therefore gives the body many benefits and advantages for health. We see later in the article what they are.

Benefits and Effects of the Treadmill

One of the most important benefits got thanks to the use of this tool is certainly a better resistance from the aerobic point of view , which brings as a result many health benefits.

We can classify these benefits into two different aspects: psychological and physical:

  • Improve the fitness of the joint muscles, especially those concerning the lower limbs

  • Improve respiratory and cardiovascular fitness

  • Prevent and intervene in situations of obesity

  • Prevent and improve many joint diseases

  • Prevent and act on many diseases that affect the metabolic system

  • Promote the increase in oxygenation of both the heart and muscles

  • Improve your balance

  • Reduce the likelihood of risks affecting the cardiovascular system

  • Ensure a slimming potential and improve your body composition

  • Increase both the prospects and the quality of life.

Besides this, it is important to emphasize the benefits of great importance, from the point of view of health, resulting from the use of the treadmill, in fact it helps to fight cholesterol, prevents diseases such as diabetes and above all allows to lower the percentage of cancer risk. To the colon.

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Effects got on the treadmill

Although the function of the treadmill is to make movements identical to those of a walk or run carried out in the open air, the effects got with this tool are completely different:

  • Achieve a reduction in rebound vibrations

  • Decrease the chances of any falls

  • Avoid road accidents
    In case of illness, you can stop the activity instantly with the emergency button

  • It is possible to maintain the balance by the handle with which it is provided. Its use can take place and climatic situation, which involve rain, snow and cold.

  • Allowing considerable time savings.

Does using the treadmill really make you lose weight?

The treadmill is certainly the ideal ally for whom wants to keep fit, with a jog and walk outdoors, disposing of the presence of excess fat and calories; always if its use is carried out in an exact and constant manner.

Its use is in fact very important where it is necessary to burn fat, slim and firm certain parts of the body such as the buttocks, legs, thighs and calves, as well as allowing a better capacity of the heart system and circulation, helping in the same time to significant body weight loss.

Obviously, in order to achieve concrete results both in physical form and as regards the weight loss phase, like every workout, constancy and regularity in the exercises is important.

It is advisable to use the treadmill three to four times a week with steps of at least 30 minutes per day.

I should emphasize that the large muscles that affect the legs faced with a correct training have a remarkable aptitude for what concerns the oxidation of fate.

Because of this combining walking and running, it allows to get a fairly high energy consumption; since these two exercises combined with each other allow to get an optimal slimming protocol, which includes, besides the motor phase, also the nutritional one.

As most athletes already know, performing only physical exercises is not enough to achieve certain goals, since all this must be associated correctly with a healthy and balanced diet, better if studied in a personalized way by a specialized nutritionist.

In this way, it is possible to perform exercises followed by a diet appropriate to one’s physical form.

What are the right physical parameters to use the treadmill

The right requirements to train with the treadmill are: have a strong and healthy constitution.

It is important not to use this gymnastic tool in situations with pathologies related to major cardio-vascular, respiratory, and joint problems.
Besides these requirements, I do not recommend its use for people who are overweight or underweight.

Speaking of what I have said, it is therefore necessary to request a special sports medical examination, even if they carried the workouts out in your home and not necessarily in the gym.

Advice on using the treadmill

During the training phase with this functional exerciser, it is important to monitor the heartbeat, using the appropriate uptive instrument, aimed at this specific purpose.

In order for all fat to be burned properly, it is necessary to keep heartbeats between 60 and 70% of the maximum heart rate of the person in question during the race.

This is for what concerns the use of the treadmill for slimming purposes; while if besides this, it is also necessary to tone the body, in this case it is necessary to perform specific exercises.
It is important to remember to conclude each training phase, regardless of what the purpose is, with specific stretching exercises, especially for the arms and legs.

At the end of each series of exercises, all the tension and stress caused by the tram of everyday life have been released.

Finally, it must be remembered that practicing sports leads to a drastic increase in hunger.

So it is good not to overdo the workouts, but to do them in the right rhythms and times, as you can risk eating more than you should and frustrate all the results got or those you are reaching.

In fact, in the most innovative treadmills, someone constantly calculated the progressive energy consumption on the display during the training phase, together with other useful data.

The indicative calorie consumption got from running and walking is in fact strictly correlated to the total commitment of the metabolism, got not only from the movement performed in the exercises but also from the relative body mass of the subject in question.

The programs of these innovative treadmills, in fact, have specific pre-established programs, which present a phase of a few minutes of initial warm-up and of the consecutive final cool-down.

Obviously, between the first and the last phase, relative slope and ascent intensity programs are prepared, besides the various speed phases established at certain time intervals.

Being able to monitor the heart rate allows you to carry out a workout where the variations in slope and speed reflect those of the heart rate simultaneously, keeping it within a certain range of values ​​that are set directly by the athlete and established in relation to the objectives he intends achieve with that workout.

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