Treadmill Care & Maintenance

Treadmills should also be cleaned, lubricated, and checked regularly so that you can always train safely. Our five tips will help you take care of your treadmill.

If you have bought a treadmill and also exercise regularly, think about the maintenance and treadmill care from time to time.

Unfortunately, this topic is too often forgotten and is then to blame for one or the other damage to the treadmill.

A treadmill should be checked every three months so that you can permanently enjoy your fitness equipment and, hopefully, save yourself more expensive repairs.

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Do treadmill care for yourself?

Of course, the maintenance and care of your treadmill can be carried out without any problems.

Each manual contains a chapter dealing with cleaning and maintaining the treadmill.

Even if individual points can vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, there are a few essential tips that you should pay attention to when cleaning.

Treadmill care products

The right silicone spray is the essential care product for your treadmill.

If you need to replace the lubrication, you should use a silicone spray, especially for treadmills, to prevent the belt from wearing out unnecessarily.

T-Lube special spray for treadmills:

The T-Lube silicone spray from Tunturi is a frequently purchased and proven spray to renew the lubricating film of your treadmill.

This unique spray is one of the essential treadmill accessories and is sufficient for some applications.


An exciting alternative to the T-Lube special spray is the Gymluber treadmill oil.

The pump bottle contains 250 ml of high-performance silicone oil, which, thanks to the 40 cm long straw, can be correctly distributed under the tread.

Full gym, SYNT 33, lubricant for … 

  • Top-quality lubricants with polyolefin-arcane formula.
  • Specially developed for treadmills and fitness equipment.
  • 250 ml of pure lubricant, without gas and thinner for longer life.

Treadmill care in 5 points

Here you will find 5 points that you should pay attention to when treadmill care and maintenance:

  1. Setup & training location: Pay attention to the site when setting up the treadmill. This should not be damp and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. If the surface is uneven, try to compensate for this with the help of the adjusting screws. Otherwise, there will be uneven wear.

  2. Avoiding dirt: Less dirt means less work and less time. So preventing excessive contamination of your treadmill, you should not use dirty running shoes, keep pets away from your exercise equipment, and place the treadmill on a dirt-resistant mat. The dirt sticks to these floor protection mats before entering the treadmill and is much easier to clean. Besides, the treadmill has a secure stand, and the noise is dampened.

  3. Cleaning & care: With the correct treadmill care, make sure that you regularly remove dust and other dirt particles from the treadmill.

  4. Otherwise, the lubrication and the engine will suffer from too much dust and dirt.

  5. Therefore, clean the treadmill, the engine compartment, and the immediate vicinity of the treadmill every two weeks. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner and no cleaning agents: these attack the belt and the lubrication, which can lead to increased wear.

Treadmill care tip: A slightly damp cloth is sufficient for regular cleaning.

    1. Lubrication of the treadmill: As with all moving parts, the treadmill must also be lubricated. The belt is subjected to a great deal of stress during long runs and should be adequately lubricated. To test whether your treadmill is lubricated correctly, you only have to reach under the edge of the treadmill. If it is dry there, renew the lubricating film with a unique silicone spray. Here is a video that shows nicely how to lubricate the treadmill.

    2. The tension of the treadmill: When treadmill care, it is essential to pay attention to the belt’s pressure. To do this, set a speed of 5 km / h and check whether you feel any slipping while running. If this is the case, the clamping screws must be tightened evenly. Repeat this until you feel no more slipping.

    Besides these tips, you should also follow the manufacturer’s instructions. These usually make recommendations for each specific device and are very helpful, for example, when choosing the silicone spray. If carried out regularly, treadmill care is neither expensive nor time-consuming.

Maintenance indicator on the display

With some treadmills, such as Kettler models, a small maintenance symbol will appear on display at regular intervals.

This should remind you of the treadmill care and maintenance and serves as an additional note.

In some models, a distinction is made between different symbols, each of which indicates certain problems, such as tightening the screws.

After the maintenance is complete, the display can be reset. You will find all the information you need in the manual on your treadmill.

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