Treadmill Exercises That Can Help You Polish Your Footwork in Boxing

Being a boxer is a very hard job. We see people working hard every day for just one fight. We see boxers are celebrated as another celebrity in the Hollywood industry and if we just rank combat-based fighters we might know no one from MMA or BJJ but almost everyone can name a few famous boxers. Even if you are not interested in boxing at all, you can still name a few famous boxers. This celebrity status has given rise to a whole new generation that is working hard to be in the mainstream boxing and combat industry. One thing that most people agree upon collectively is that not everyone will get to celebrity status but we can still try to be there. This is a long journey, and the only way to achieve it is through hard work. Apart from hard work, consistency also plays a very important role because even skipping one day of workout can have a very long impact on your overall progress. According to most instructors, if you miss only one day of work, you will fall behind one week, so the everyday workout is essential for the fighter.

For the beginner who is finding this process pretty long and tormenting, the overall workout routine can become very hard. An easier way to learn it is through step-by-step process. You need to build stamina in the first few weeks and then learn the technique. Once you are familiar with all techniques, punching types, and ways to defend and attack, you can then perfect these techniques and build speed. For these reasons, you need to work on shadowboxing, treadmill, and basic one-on-one fighting techniques. With the help of a treadmill, you will learn to speed up things and your body will have good enough stamina and shadow boxing will help your body get into rhythm. For the beginner who does not understand the idea of using the treadmill for footwork training, here is everything that you need to know.

What Is Footwork In Boxing?

Boxing footwork helps you understand how you need to move when someone tries to attack you, this is a very important yet vital method that can help you move towards the target to attack and to move away from the target to defend. For starters you need to know about few fundamentals that you should practice, some of them have been listed below:

Footwork for skill and technique that will help you in attacking and defending in any possible situation.

Basic drills for speedy movement and endurance can be achieved via strength training. This is vital because this is going to help you complete your whole fight. Apart from this, you need training for sync and timing for the footwork drill and this will help you with moving that will assist your defense and attacking style. Finally, you also need to learn about the various ways you can alter your footwork technique according to your fighting style and strategy that you can design for yourself. We all know that you cannot win a fight with the same strategy, you need to keep altering it according to your opponent. For this reason, you need to alter your footwork according to the fighting style of your opponent as well. While learning the footwork and using various drills, make sure you are giving room for adjustment according to the requirement and system of fighting as well.

Why is Treadmill Drill Important?

When we talk about boxing, we need to see how the overall body works for boxing. It is a dynamic style of sport and you need to stay on your toes, keep moving accordingly. Even the slightest detail like the posture of your foot and the overall design of your foot is important. If you are flat-footed, you need to know about the adjustments that can favor you. You also need to know how these adjustments can help you hit the target and defend yourself very effectively.

In case you fail to make adjustments, you will have to face serious consequences. One of the important issues that you will be facing is reaching your target, you will find it hard to reach out to your target. You will also find it hard to defend yourself and move away from the opponent to escape the attack. Apart from this, the opponent might get too close to you and you will not be able to escape it. Additionally, if you will not drill according to adjustment, you will get tired easily and this might be because you cannot get away or you have blocked your way.

How Treadmill Can Help You Train Yourself?

Now that we have established the idea that footwork is important for winning a boxing match, we now need to find out how a treadmill can be used for helping in the process of training. We have different kinds of sessions that can be used and with each session, you will see progress as well. Even if you don’t want to use this circle, you need to figure out or look for some exercises that will help you use more oxygen in your muscles. This will help you not only in strength building but also in helping your muscle adapt to better overall stamina. This footwork training session will only take 12 weeks and this is a three-phase drill. In most cases, this drill is proposed by the instructors but it is not the same for everyone. However, most instructors agree that this is quite a favorable drill session and it has proved as a good enough method for all.

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First Three Week

The first three weeks are very important and they are usually known as sprint training drill sessions. You will be using 30 seconds sprint training where the maximum effort will be on a treadmill, hill climbing, and basic walk session. You need to do the treadmill for 4 minutes and then take a 30 minutes interval for rest and do it again. For the completion of one cycle, you will be completing 4 to 6 cycles and you must do it as fast as possible. The rest interval will help your muscles get oxygen and utilize it so you can start again. Apart from this, your body will start stimulating and activating the enzymes that will help you with training sessions. Additionally, this is a great way to activate the powerhouse of cells or mitochondria.

Next Seven Weeks

For the next seven-week session, you need to switch to HIIT and this is also called the delivery phase. In this high-intensity interval training, you must take 4 to 8 minutes of high-intensity training followed by a few minutes of rest. Within the high-intensity training process, you need to exert your maximum energy and you must make you’re your heartbeat goes up to 90% of your potential. For the overall completion of the cycle, you need to keep this going for at least 4 to 6 cycles. Your aim of this drill session is to exert maximum energy, bring your heart rate up and let your muscles exhaust as much energy as they have. This session will help you put maximum strain on your body and heart. Apart from this, your body will receive maximum oxygen and blood will be carried out to your muscle as well.

Next Two Weeks

For these two weeks, you need to try and see the recovery of your body. The main thing is to take 20 seconds and exert your maximum energy and then take 10 seconds to recover. This cycle will take overall 30 seconds and then you need to make sure you complete at least 6 to 8 cycles. These 6 cycles will take 3 minutes and if you want to push yourself a little and make it 8 cycles, this will take around 4 minutes. You have to do it twice which means, this drill will take 16 minutes to complete. Your main aim is to try and exert all the energy you have during the maximum work interval and then let your body feel free for the next few seconds. This phase is quite important because your intensity maintenance will help you retain the energy while training. So, while staying in the ring, these phases of maximum energy will be best for you. The last two weeks of training are very important and they must be completed.

Testing Phase

Once you are done with the drilling and training session, you can now get into the ring and see the improvement. This session must be carried out at least for a week because you want to stay in practice before finally starting to fight.



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