Question : Is running on the treadmill easier than running outside at the same speed?

Answer : To some, running on the treadmill may seem more tiring than doing it outside, on the street or green paths, but the physiological findings say that it is objectively easier :

In fact, you do not have the air resistance, in fact they equipped some treadmills with a fan integrated and then the roller does a part of the work for you. To better simulate the outdoor run, it must set the belt slope at 1% or 2% .

If the treadmill is equipped with a USB port, there are fans on the market that can be connected to USB ports or otherwise you can simply place the home fan next to the treadmill .

Question : Are the figures relating to “calories burned” to be reliable?

Answer : Often the treadmill deceives, estimating the calories burned during use …. but we also consider that calories are burned even during recovery !!!

Normally we have to do this calculation 1 calorie per kg per km so a person who weighs 70 kg will burn an average of 70 calories per km, personally I think I burn more calories on the treadmill than on the road as sweating at home is much higher than in a workout done outdoors.

Question : Should I wear shoes other than those I normally use on the road?

Answer : If you want you could opt for less cushioned shoes, with a drier response, since the support surface is softer but we can safely use the same shoe that we use outside, the ideal would be to have the same shoe to be used only for the treadmill. treadmill as it is always perfectly clean and they would deposit any residues in the engine compartment. Absolutely not barefoot,

Question : Is running on the treadmill less traumatic?

Answer : Running on the treadmill can be less traumatic .

In fact, the treadmill absorbs a large part of the impact, alleviating the commitment of many of the parts of the body involved in the gesture of running.

Question : Is it okay to run harder by canceling the slope and slower with a steep belt slope?

Answer : Both things are ok, if you want to have a balanced training, if you run slower uphill, you improve strength and power, if you run faster on flat ground, you promote endurance and speed.

Combine speed and incline well to best simulate the varying terrain in a road race. You often hear that there is no better workout than “hilly” .

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