Treadmill: Frequently Asked Questions in Case of Problems (Part 1)

We will briefly list a series of the most frequently asked questions addressed to our assistance center in case of problems with the Treadmill .engine never assisted !!!

1- The Treadmill makes a rhythmic noise, is this normal?

The noise caused by the joint of the treadmill belt (horizontal or oblique strip) as it passes over the front and rear roller is absolutely normal. After the first months of use, the noise will decrease as the thickness of the tape joint will become thinner.

2- A black powder comes out at the bottom of the treadmill why?

The black dust could come from the motor belt and it is absolutely normal in the first periods of use or it could be the tape or it could be the running shoes used to run on the treadmill (maybe you run by crawling your feet too much instead of raising your knees). In the case of the belt we can put some talcum powder on it while if the problem is our running style we check the wear of the shoe sole.

3- I see a blank canvas under the treadmill belt what should I do?

The treadmill belt can fray or the “white” canvas placed under the “black” belt can be detached, in this case the treadmill belt must be replaced. One of the causes can be the wear and the lack of lubrication of the same. Lubricating the Treadmill Board extends the life of the motor and the treadmill belt.

4- The belt of the treadmill is all moved to one side what should I do?

You can simply record the tape with the included stick. On our website you can see the video guide on recording the treadmill tape

5 – Why is the treadmill belt slipping?

You must tension the belt and can follow the video-guide for recording the treadmill belt on the website, if the belt cannot be further tensioned it means that it has lost its elasticity and must be replaced, or check the belt. of the engine.

6- The belt of the treadmill jerks why?

If the treadmill belt jerks without a user, the card or motor, or both, may need to be replaced. If the treadmill jerks with the person on it while using it it is most likely a belt tensioning or slow motor belt problem.

7- The treadmill varies its speed by itself why?

Either there is a button stuck / enchanted or you need to change the motor board

8- The Treadmill blows the power why?

In this case, the other appliances must also be checked and if they are all ok then the board has shorted out and must be replaced.

9- The heart rate monitor does not work why?

The Treadmill must be positioned away from electromagnetic sources (light pylons, wi-fi, clock radios, etc.) which could disturb the belt-console data transmission of the carpet.

The band must be worn close to the skin under the chest and if it does not read the data, it is necessary to moisten the 2 sensors with saliva or with cotton and alcohol.

10- The Treadmill gives me the shock why?

In some models of treadmills such as Weslo, Proform, NordicTrack may be present the ground (a wire with a screw that goes well).

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