Treadmill Or Cross Trainer – We Compare Both Fitness Machines

This is probably one of the most common questions that someone will ask themselves before buying a treadmill or cross-trainer. 

There are various arguments for the treadmill and at least as many that speak for the cross-trainer.

 In this article, we make a direct comparison between the two exercise bikes.

Treadmills are the best-selling fitness equipment in the industry. 

The reason for this is the secure handling and the fact that most calories can be burned per hour on a treadmill than with any other machine.

But trainers are also becoming more and more popular in the fitness market.

 The main argument with this fitness device is gentle training for the joints.

But what about the eternal struggle between the two exercise bikes?

We compared the treadmill to the cross trainer, and the following table came out.

Comparison of the treadmill and elliptical machine

Burning calories

 Many experts give the treadmill a slight lead because it requires more effort. Because the intensity is higher, a few more calories are burned automatically.

 Cross trainers are less intense, and therefore you burn fat with less energy. 

Overall, studies show that the elliptical machine and the treadmill are comparable in terms of total calorie consumption.

Stress on the joint

 The continuous stamping of the feet can put more strain on the joints over time. There is thus an increased risk of injury.

 The feet remain in contact with the pads throughout the movement. The movement is thus dampened, and there are no bumps.

Physical exertion

 Training on the treadmill mainly targets the leg, foot, and buttock muscles.

 Both upper and lower bodies are stressed during exercise.


 Running on the treadmill is a little unusual for beginners. It is, therefore, essential to start slowly and to get used to the treadmill first.

 It is somewhat surprising that the feet never lose contact with the pads. It takes some getting used to, especially when making initial contact.


 Due to the hard appearance, the training on the treadmill is a bit louder. This is remedied by excellent cushioning of the tread and a thicker floor protection mat.

 Because the cross-trainer performs a constant movement and does not occur, the use is much quieter.


 Joggers and runners! Especially if you train intensively or if you want to do training regardless of the weather.

 Obese people, people with injuries to the joints, the elderly, people with chronic diseases.

As you can see, there are a few differences that mainly relate to the type of training. You will find detailed advice and helpful test reports on the linked page if you want to know more about ergometers.

In general, one can say that the training on the treadmill is more intensive and, unfortunately, not only burns more calories but also puts a more significant strain on the joints.

In contrast, training on the cross trainer is a bit more harmonious and, at the same time, more comfortable on the joints.

Treadmill or elliptical: which is better for weight loss?

Because you’re supporting your own body weight on the treadmill, it burns the most calories if you’re an experienced exerciser. The few extra calories you’ll burn on the treadmill come with a higher risk of injury and joint stress, which is why the elliptical is a good substitute.

Is it better to use a cross trainer or a treadmill to burn calories?

According to a study conducted by the Medical College of Wisconsin, running on a treadmill burns between 705 and 866 calories, depending on the individual, speed, and incline. An hour of elliptical work, on the other hand, burns 773 calories, according to Health Status.

Is it preferable to lose weight on a treadmill or a cross trainer?

The treadmill does, in fact, help you burn more calories. For a variety of reasons, the elliptical cross trainer appears to be more beneficial for weight loss and fat burning.

Is a cross trainer better than a treadmill?

In conclusion. Treadmills and ellipticals are two machines that can help you obtain a cardiovascular exercise. The treadmill may be a better option if you want to burn a lot of calories while also improving leg strength and speed.

Is using an elliptical machine a waste of time?

It’s not only the most inefficient piece of gym equipment, but it’s also the most boring. To begin with, the elliptical does not work your body in a natural way. This will increase your heart rate while also working your upper and lower body. 2) Working out at a moderate speed for long periods of time.

Is it possible to lose weight by utilizing a cross trainer?

An elliptical can help you reduce body fat and tone up your muscles in a shorter length of time because to its high calorie burn capabilities, especially if you focus on interval activity.

Is a 30-minute cross-trainer session sufficient?

The elliptical trainer is an excellent cardiovascular exercise machine. For health benefits, aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate activity or 15 minutes of intense intensity every day.

Is it preferable to run or use a cross trainer?

The treadmill is a more effective workout than the elliptical in general since it requires more effort. She emphasizes that jogging involves more effort from the core and hamstrings than doing an elliptical workout. The treadmill, she claims, is superior for a core and lower body workout.

Is the elliptical better than the treadmill for weight loss?

The bottom line: The debate over whether to use an elliptical or a treadmill is as old as cardio machines themselves. The elliptical is a master of injury avoidance and low-impact cardio, while the high-impact tread is excellent for burning calories and building bones.

Does using an elliptical machine help you lose tummy fat?

Workouts on the elliptical trainer and other exercises By sticking to a rigorous diet and exercise routine, as well as making a few lifestyle changes, one can lose belly fat. Elliptical trainers can aid in the burning of calories, the reduction of belly fat, and the toning of the body.

Conclusion of the comparison

The choice of the device depends very much on your training needs. If you often have problems with your knees and ankles, you should buy an elliptical machine.

Once you get used to this repetitive movement, it’s a very relaxed workout to fight the calories.

With the treadmill, however, runners, in particular, will get their money’s worth. The focus here is clearly on the leg muscles and is therefore ideal for preparing for a marathon.

In any case, pay attention to the cushioning of the treadmill during intensive training. This is usually better with the more expensive treadmills and protects your joints and the floor!

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