Treadmill running etiquette rules

If you have your own treadmill at home, you don’t have to worry about using it or wiping it thoroughly after each use. 

However, when you run a treadmill in a shared space, there are certain etiquette rules (mostly private) that apply. 

Follow these rules to become a thoughtful treadmill runner:

Tips for using a treadmill in the gym

1. Do not exceed the posted time limit. Many gyms have rules for how long you can stay on the treadmill, especially during peak hours.

Some gyms are quite anxious about rules enforcement and leave it to the gym members to crack down on themselves. 

Do not wait for other runners or gym staff to comply with the time limit. When the time is up, you will get off the machine.

2. Wipe the device. At the end of the work, the gym should have a paper towel wipe or spray detergent. Clean the console and handle. Even if you haven’t touched them, your sweat may fly from you when you run.

3. But do not spray on other machines. Speaking of spray cleaners, be careful that you don’t go outboard and spray on other machines or nearby runners. 

A better way is to spray a towel and then wipe the machine so you don’t have to worry about the spray accidentally hitting someone.

4. Do not store the treadmill. Do you want to warm up and stretch before running on the treadmill? Well, don’t leave towels or magazines on the treadmill, you need to “hold up” until you’re ready.

It’s not fair to other gym members who could run on it while you do other things.

5. Don’t stare. You may wonder what gossip magazine the man next to you is running, or the woman is reading in front of you, but looking at you or your computer can embarrass for other runners.

If you don’t take your eyes off your own computer, you can see the window (if you’re lucky, you can see it from the front). 

And if someone is stalking your treadmill console, put a towel or magazine on it-hopefully, they’ll take a hint.

6. Do not run on a squeaky treadmillWe’ve all just jumped into the treadmill at some point, and it’s making annoying, creaky noises.

 Don’t torture your fellow gym members as you keep running.

 Get off, inform the gym staff the treadmill is not working properly and choose a different treadmill.

7. Don’t talk on your cell phone while on the treadmill. Many gyms have a “no phone zone” sign near cardio equipment, but it doesn’t always stop Disney runners or walkers from talking on their phones.

 It’s really annoying if other runners have to talk. If the phone really matters, step on the treadmill and take it with you.

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