Treadmill: the most frequently asked questions in case of problems (2nd part)

We continue with the series of the most frequently asked questions about the problems encountered by our customers on the treadmills. changing belt of the treadmill

  The treadmill console turns on, but the carpet does not start. Why?

If dashed lines appear, then just insert the magnetic safety key in the center of the console.

 The treadmill console does not show signs of life. Why?

Most likely the power cable was “pinched” during assembly. However, from experience we recommend checking the functionality of the power socket or power strip used. There is also a switch on the engine compartment that must be positioned on one.

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  The message E01 appears on the display of the console. What does it mean?

In the treadmill manual, we find a legend with the various meanings of some abbreviations that can appear on the display of the carpet console. E.g. for Toorx E01 treadmills, it means that there is a communication problem between the controller and the motor / console, E02 shows a power supply problem, E05 shows a current overload, etc. For each brand, we have different abbreviations and meanings.

 The treadmill smells of burning. Why?

Most likely you need to change the card or the motor or both

 Does my carpet creak?

Here, check the tightness of all screws and use lubricant on the joints and the pivot of the tilt motor.

  I hear a metallic noise. What is it?

It could simply be a slow screw and I advise you to check also inside the engine compartment or it could be a roller bearing. However, I always recommend groped to lubricate all the parts subject to friction.

 I have mounted the carpet, but is it off axis?

Here, it is necessary to loosen the bolts of the uprights and tighten them with the platform closed by levering it.

  Do I feel the platform flex?

We have to insert a hand between the board and the ribbon and feel if the board is intact, most likely we need to change the wooden board, otherwise we risk damaging the ribbon.

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