6 Tricks For Treadmill Training

Is it too cold for you to jog? Then move your training indoors. Jonas Caflisch explains how to get more out of the treadmill.

The winter cold has a firm grip on us and is unlikely to let us go for the next few days.

 On such days even ambitious runners like to do their running training on a treadmill. Today I give you six tips for training on the treadmill. 

First of all, I’ll tell you a secret: Although I run fitness clubs myself, as you probably know, I prefer running outdoors. 

I love working out in the fresh air when possible.

 But of course, training on the treadmill also has some tangible advantages that I would like to discuss in my column next week.

 Please note that running training on the treadmill is very different in some respects from running outdoors. 

The following six tips should help you.

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If you are walking on the treadmill for the first time, start your workout loosely. Ask your trainer in the gym if he can show you the treadmill and the correct technique. 

Then allow your body to get used to treadmill training. Start with a relaxed and controlled endurance run at a moderate pace. 

You can change your running speed and training intensity if you are used to practicing on the treadmill.

#2: Why does it feel so light?

Training on the treadmill usually feels more straightforward than it appears to you outdoors. One of the reasons for this is the lack of air resistance. 

So that you can achieve a similar mileage on the treadmill to that of training outdoors, you should set the incline of the treadmill to 1 to 2 percent. 

This is how you simulate the load, like running on a flat surface.

#3: Looking ahead

During treadmill training, you tend to look at the display to check speed and other data. 

Often you also look down at your feet to make sure that you put your foot in the right place. 

In the long run, however, both lead to poor posture and can lead to tension in the shoulder muscles. 

Therefore, make sure that, apart from occasional control glances at the feet or the display, your gaze is directed forward, as you are used to from running outdoors.

#4: Take normal-sized steps

Often, even as an experienced runner, you take significantly smaller and faster steps on the treadmill than when running outside

This is because, subjectively, the smaller steps give you more sure-footedness. 

Therefore, in the beginning, prolonged speeds such as 10 km / h appear subjectively as fast.

Therefore, make sure that you take “normal-sized” steps as you would when training outside. It takes a little overcoming and experience. I know that.

#5: Drinking is a must!

On the treadmill, you lack the cooling from the wind and fresh air, which we enjoy while running outside. 

This leads to increased sweating when training on the treadmill

Therefore, make sure that you drink enough during treadmill training.

#6: You can wear light shoes on the treadmill.

modern treadmill of gym-quality is well-cushioned. 

Consequently, you can use lighter, less cushioned shoes, and work on a dynamic, fast running style.

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