TZ-3000C Curved Treadmill [2021 Edition]

Our final pick is the TZ 3000C curved treadmill, which also turns out to be our top pick in terms of value for money. 

This treadmill comes with an excellent 5 year warranty and plenty of useful features which, despite the price tag, make it a great addition to your local or home gym.

The two-way chain drive ensures smooth flow with every step, while the emergency brake protects you if you lose control of the platform. 

It is also equipped with a dual chip resistance system, which allows you to work harder than before and while it can be terrifying at first, it will only do your fitness good.

The PVC handlebars are comfortable to grip for better stability, while the LED display makes it easy to read tracking data. However, while it’s not difficult to use it at home.

 It seems a bit too basic and might be better suited for a commercial environment, especially with the variety of other features you’ll find with the previous choices. 

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TZ-3000C Curved Treadmill [2021 Edition]


  • Two-way chain drive
  • Pull-resistant emergency brake
  • Dual chip resistance system
  • PVC handle
  • LED display

5 year warranty

  • MarkTZ
  • ModelB07RGPVDNW
  • Weight150 pounds


  • An elegant design
  • Non electronic
  • Excellent value


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