UMAY Portable Treadmill Reviews [2021 Edition]

If you’re looking for a treadmill for your office or home, and these factors are important to you (which they should be), a UMAY Under Desk treadmill should be at the top of your list.

To learn more about the UMAY Under Desk Treadmill, read our review.

We’ll now go over some of our favorite features and answer some of your questions.

You’ll see why we choose the UMAY Under Desk 508 Treadmill as a top pick for treadmills that deliver the best comfort for office and home use—at a great price—by the end of this article.

The UMAY Under Desk Treadmill, Model 508, is UMAY’s top-of-the-line office and home treadmill, designed for walking and light jogging.

You can still squeeze in a few minutes of workout time, whether it means pulling it out of your rest time at home or stealing it from your work schedule, since they designed it with flexibility and comfort in mind. It’s workout time at all times!

UMAY Portable Treadmill Reviews 


  • Fixed mild inclination for short walks and physical therapy 8 changeable magnetic resistance levels to personalize the particular intensity for your training
  • Durable training equipment that is well-built and durable.
  • Speed, distance, calorie consumption, odometer, time, and scan features are all included in the multifunction computer.
  • For a foldable design (48′′x 7.9′′) and compact storage, a simple locking mechanism is used.
  • Built-in wheels allow for easy transportation.
  • For anyone weighing up to 220 pounds, this is the perfect personal running machine.
  • For lengthy strides, the runway surface measures 15”x40.2”.
  • High-quality cardio burns fat, strengthens muscles, and increases endurance.
  • Energy-efficient and motor-free cardio equipment that doesn’t require costly maintenance or repairs
  • UMAY Under Desk Treadmill 508 model
  • 4.7 out of 5 (94 percent )
  • 57.9” L x 23.6” W x 5.9” H Dimensions
  • YES, it’s foldable.
  • Dimensions when folded: 57.3” L x 23.6” W x 8.9” H
  • Speed, time, distance, mode, and calories burned are all displayed on the screen.
  • 72.8 pound net weight
  • 198 pound weight capacity
  • 45.3″ L x 16.1″ W running surface
  • 0.06” belt thickness
  • 1-4 miles per hour
  • 1.5 HP motor
  • 12 built-in programs
  • Controls that are easily accessible: YES
  • 1x Treadmill, 1x Remote Controller, 1x Silicone Oil, Tools, and User Manual were included in the package.

As the name implies, the folding design of 57.3” L x 23.6” W x 8.9” H allows for saving safer convenience in small spaces such as a corner, wardrobe, or even under the bed, working table, and/or office desk.

The UMAY Under Desk Treadmill is a lightweight and portable treadmill thanks to these features.

With dimensions of 57.9 inches L x 23.6 inches W x 5.9 inches H, UMAY Under Desk Treadmill is a relatively small model that is perfect for small rooms.

It weighs approximately 72.8 lbs, making it simple to hold, lift, and store without the help of a second pair of hands.


  • Construction is robust.
  • Frame that is simple to fold
  • Steel and ABS materials are both durable.
  • A remote control that is wireless
  • For safety, there is an emergency brake button.
  • A small-scale design
  • Wheels that are flexible for portability


  • There is a time limit on the warranty.
  • It’s a little on the heavier side.

DESCRIPTION OF UMAY Portable Treadmill 

This treadmill can be easily described as a low intensity, shock-absorbing, noise-free, and robust machine at the speest of 4 km/h, a motor strength of 1.5 HP, an impact-absorbing surface and a weight-bearing capacity of 198 lbs. What do you mean by these?

The low-intense speed is the ideal way to walk, jog and run light.

The shock absorption surface protects against injuries to your knees, ankles and lower back.

The running surface noise-cushioning cancels the sound of footfall.

The quiet engine offers a noiseless exercise that doesn’t require you to worry about disturbing colleagues or members of the family.

The UMAY Undo Treadmill also features sophisticated devices, such as a remote control to change preferential configurations; a voice activation feature that lets you voice mid-session commands, an LED display that displays data reading for the burning of speed, distance, time and calories; a mobile-functional Bluetooth property.

You can plY and roll the device on the sturdy double wheel at the end of your training easily to the desired storage space, where you can put it in a cupboard, corner, bed or desk.

The UMAY Under Desk Treadmill comes with a reasonable price tag and is a popular home and office treadmill.

The new generation of the Umay TREADMILL is a concentrate of technology thanks to its 4.5 HP peak AC motor and its 39.6 cm connected console. Your training will be an actual pleasure.

If you desire an office or home treadmill and these factors matter to you, a UMAY Under Desk treadmill should be your first choice.

The UMAY Under Desk Treadmill, Model 508, is UMAY’s premium office and home treadmill. Designed for simplicity and convenience, you can always squeeze in a quick workout during your downtime at home or at work. Time for the gym!

Read our UMAY Under Desk Treadmill Review to learn more.

Now we’ll go over some favorites and concerns. By the end of this review, you will know why we chose the UMAY Under Desk 508 Treadmill as our top recommendation for treadmills that are both convenient and affordable.

The UMAY Under Desk Treadmill is 57.9” L x 23.6” W x 5.9” H, making it ideal for tiny places. It weighs roughly 72.8 lbs, making it easy to handle, carry, or store. The folding design enables for conserving convenience in small locations like a corner, closet, or even under the bed, working table, and/or office desk. The UMAY Under Desk Treadmill is small and portable.


full touch screen displaying the chosen program and your performance:
• SPEED: Instantaneous speed during exercise in km / h,
• INCLINE: Displays the percentage of incline during exercise from 1 to 15,
• TIME: shows the time from 0:00 to a maximum of 99:59 minutes.
• DISTANCE: This function measures distance from 0:00 to 999 km / miles.
• CALORIES: measures the total amount of calories burned by your body during exercise.
• HEART RATE: display range – 50 to 200 BPM (Beats Per Minute).


A professional AC motor of 3 CV continuously and 4.5 peak, fluid and powerful.


• 32 pre-recorded programs,
• 4 user programs,
• 3 HRC programs (60%, 80%, target value),
• 1 fitness test program.


Possibility of obtaining a precise heartbeat thanks to the optional T31C chest belt.


From 0.5 to 24 km / h. Possibility of quickly changing the speed thanks to the “quick access” buttons: 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6 and 4 and also via the joystick on the support arms of the belt.


From 0 to 15%. Possibility of quickly changing the incline thanks to the “quick access” buttons: 15, 13, 11, 9, 7, 5.3 and 0 and also via the joystick on the support arms of the mat.

Like a moth to a flame, the UMAY Portable Treadmill Reviews  will entice budget-conscious shoppers. It will be available in stores as the most cost-effective piece of running gear. It’s excellent for anyone looking to become involved in the community without breaking the bank.

It’s small and light, weighing only 60 pounds and featuring a maintenance-free tread belt.

A high-contrast LCD display on the console shows speed, distance, calories burned, and time.

With the unique SpaceSaver Design that folds up on the fly, you’ll get fond of it. A stable 15 percent inclination increases calorie burn while reducing collective impact.

Power and durability aren’t sacrificed just because the pricing is low. If you’re looking for a good deal, it matches your description.

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