You Have To Use The Treadmill In The Gym For That Long To Make It Possible To Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight, eventually you will end up on the treadmill in the gym. But how long should the training last?

Somehow it seems to be an unwritten law that the kilos that you eat in winter within a few weeks are damn stubborn and only disappear with a lot of sweat.

Most gyms are jam-packed at the end of winter.

Fitness: This is how practical cardio training on the treadmill is

It is striking that even experienced bodybuilders can be seen on the treadmill again and again.

To look defined, this cardio machine plays an important role–or: strength training with weights is essential, but just part of the puzzle on the way to more muscles and less fat.

But how long do you have to spend on the treadmill for it to be effective?

Some trainers claim that long walking sessions bring more than quick sprint phases because fat burning only begins after around 20 minutes.

Lose weight: How to improve your fitness on the treadmill

Others advocate short and fast sprints because the afterburn effect is all the higher.
Who is right now?

Both! Crossfit trainer Lee Wratislaw explains at least to the online magazine PopSugar:

“How long you spend on the treadmill depends on whether you want to do a high-intensity interval training or a regular workout.

Both can effectively contribute to losing weight. “

The trick is simply a change. Because through evolution, I gear our bodies to get used to a specified load quickly.

Therefore, the intensity should always vary when walking or jogging.

The surprise: Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be over 20 minutes if HIIT training is on the treadmill.

For example, you can start by walking for two minutes and sprinting at high speed for one minute.

The afterburn effect is comparatively high, and our cells still burn a few calories after training.

Fitness: training plan for treadmill plus strength training

It would be best if you changed the intensity as often as possible so that the body does not get used to the stress as quickly as possible.

Here is an example of how the training could be structured:

Monday: 20 minutes of HIIT

Tuesday: 45 minutes of full-body strength training (a few repetitions, a lot of weight)

Wednesday: 30-minute treadmill – medium pace

Thursday: Resistance Training (10-12 repetitions – exercises with your body weight or a

TRX course are possible)

Friday: 40 minutes of walking

Saturday: 30 minutes of yoga or stretching

Conclusion: Losing weight with a treadmill – is that possible?

Of course, the plan only works if the diet is right. If you eat the calories burned again, you can do your rounds on the treadmill for a long time–it won’t work.

Also, you should, of course, not forget that running alone has no long-term effect.

To lose weight healthily and improve fitness, the three components cardio, strength training, and mobility training are essential.

One doesn’t work in the long run without the other.

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