Which Elliptical Cross Trainer Would You Like?

The elliptical cross trainer is the perfect alternative to the home gym. With the cross trainer, many muscle groups can be trained efficiently. 

There is a wide variety of models, from simple entry-level models to high-tech professional models, everything is included. 

For you to find the right cross trainer for you, you should inform yourself carefully and pay attention to a few things.


Model & Features


Resistance: 8 level magnetic
Stride length: 13 inches
Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
Pulse Rate: Yes
Item weight: 76 pounds

Resistance: 20 magnetic
Stride length: Adjustable 20-22”
Maximum weight: 400 lbs
Incline: adjustable 1-20
Pulse sensors: Yes

Resistance: 16 levels, ECB
Max. Weight: 500 lbs
Oversized pedal
Programs: 18
Heart Rate: Yes

Resistance: Eddy current, 16 levels
Weight Capacity: 300 lb
Stride: 18 inches (46 cm)
Incline: No
Pulse rate: Yes

Resistance: 20 levels
Max user weight: 300 lbs
Stride length: 20”
Incline: manual
Heart rate sensor: Yes

Cross trainer training is an effective way to burn fat. Training with an elliptical cross trainer is also elementary on the joints.

 Many muscles in the body are stressed and trained at the same time. 

The muscle groups in the arms, legs, and trunk are trained. 

As a result, training has a positive effect on calorie consumption and fat burning

The movement sequence is similar to that of classic jogging.

Cross trainer for beginners

Beginners should slowly get used to the training. Because in the beginning, the body can quickly become overloaded when exercising with the cross-trainer. 

If you start too fast, you also run the risk of rapidly losing your appetite for training.

In the beginning, you should never train for more than 30 minutes at a time. Beginners should treat the body to a rest day after each training day. 

Through this break, the body can recover, and at the same time, you do not lose the desire to exercise. 

It is essential to warm-up well before training.

This is the only way to prevent injuries. When training on the elliptical cross trainer, it is necessary to ensure that you always maintain a straight posture. 

The hands are firmly on the handle during training, and the movement should be as fluid as possible.

What should you pay attention to when buying a cross-trainer for beginners?

Anyone who decides to buy an elliptical machine does not have to obtain a luxury device.

 However, care should be taken to ensure that the method is of sufficient and high quality so that the training can be carried out with the necessary intensity and still be gentle on the joints.

If you want to improve your general fitness with the elliptical cross trainer, you should buy an elliptical cross trainer with an ergometer function and various training programs. 

The varied programs keep the motivation for training on the cross-trainer longer. Also, attention should be paid to the flywheel. 

At least 10-12 kilograms of flywheel mass is required for efficient preparation.

If you buy the elliptical machine to lose weight, you should make sure that even time-consuming training sessions do not lead to body fatigue. 

Therefore, the cross trainer should always be based on the height of the user. 

A device that is too large leads to fatigue more quickly. The quality of artistry and material should also be checked. 

It should be ensured that all mechanical parts are protected by flaps made of plastic.

The cross trainer should be chosen according to body weight and height. That all mechanical parts are protected by flaps made of plastic.

 The cross trainer should be chosen according to body weight and height. That all mechanical parts are protected by flaps made of plastic. 

The cross trainer should be chosen according to body weight and height.

The best cross trainers for beginners

Suitable devices for beginners are, for example, the Kettler CTR 3 or the Kettler Saturn E. 

These two cross trainers are in the higher price range and can be bought from 800 euros.

 The Christopeit CMX elliptical cross trainer is also perfect for beginners and, unlike the other two, is available from 450 euros. 

The Christopeit elliptical cross trainers are very popular with beginners. 

The devices are available at a reasonable price and still have many exceptional functions and extras. 

But the Hammer Ellyptech CT5 is also popular with beginners. 

The inexpensive cross trainer has a training computer and eight different resistance levels.

Cross trainer for advanced users

For advanced and professionals, the cross trainer must have differentiated training programs. 

To meet the requirements, professional cross-trainers are often suitable for advanced users. 

Their almost optimal freedom from maintenance characterizes these. The quality of these devices is particularly high. 

Many of these devices have a heart rate measurement. 

Some of the tools have a telemetric transmission of the heart rate, which is why these elliptical machines allow you to react to the pulse rate and adapt the program accordingly. 

With such a device, you do not have to manually set the individual load levels but can concentrate fully on your training.

The best cross trainers for advanced users

The Taurus Elliptical and the UNO cross-trainer are ideal for advanced users. These two cross trainers have a proud price of more than 1000 euros each. 

They have the telemetric transmission of the heart rate, which is why the training can be easily adapted to the pulse rate.

 With this function, you can concentrate entirely on your body.

 The most popular manufacturers of advanced cross trainers are Life Fitness and Vision.

Where should you buy an elliptical machine?

There is a vast selection of different cross trainers on the Internet that can be bought online.

 The devices can also be found in the department store or local sports shop. Before you buy an elliptical machine, you should inform yourself well. 

If you decide to buy the device in a local specialist store, you can get sufficient information and advice about the elliptical machine there. 

If you are a beginner, it is therefore recommended to buy the trainer in a local shop. 

If you decide to purchase via the Internet, inform yourself beforehand and read through various reviews of the device carefully. 

Advanced and professionals who have already dealt with the subject of cross trainers can order the right equipment via the Internet.

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