Windaze 2 In 1 Electric Folding Treadmill [2023 Updated ]

One treadmill released in 2013 is the Windaze 2 In 1 Electric Folding Treadmill.

It’s identical to the SLFTRD20 model we previously discussed, but it’s missing the manual incline parts and has a simpler console.

It’s a jogging and walking treadmill with a low capacity.


  • If the user slips, the stop key will halt the motor.
  • With a load capacity of nearly 350 pounds, this is an excellent choice.
  • Running belt with padding
  • Powerful motor
  • Supportive long handrails
  • Foldable.


  • Low-speed operation.

Specifications and Key Features

  • Dimensions when assembled: 49.6L x 24W x 51.2H inches (126L x 61W x 130H cm)

  • Dimensions of the tread belt: 39.3L x 13.4W inches (100L x 34W cm)

  • Weight when assembled: 57.3 lbs (26 kg)

  • Weight supported: 265 lbs (120 kg),

  • Motor power: 2.5 hp motor
  • 0.5 to 6 mph
  • Product Dimensions: 61 x 32.5 x 52.5 inches
  • Inclination: no
  • Running deck: 44.5L X 19.5W
  • Weight: 143 pounds
  • 12 programs, Bluetooth, and FitShow app compatibility

  • Additional features include a device holder and accessory holders.

  • 1 year limited warranty

Windaze 2 In 1 Electric Folding Treadmill

Construction of the framework

It featured a steel frame on the Windaze 2 In 1 Electric Folding Treadmill.

They construct the console supporting bar and the front base frame of cylindrical tubing, while I build the base frame of rectangular steel tubing and the two upright bars are oval-shaped.

Rust-resistant paint applies to all steel bars used in the machine’s construction. The color chosen is black, as it is currently the only color available for this treadmill.

The unit isn’t overly big when it’s all put together. It is approximately 49.6′′ (126 cm) long and 24′′ (61 cm) wide, with the top of the console reaching around 51.2′′ (130 cm) above floor level.

However, for safe use and access, it is advised that at least three feet of space be left at the back of the deck and two feet of clearance be left on each side.

The treadmill is folded. The deck can be folded and secured in place when not in use. This can be beneficial if you don’t have enough space to keep the machine in use all the time.

It’s also useful for vacuuming beneath the deck because you won’t have to hold it up.

A hydraulic cylinder in the folding mechanism aids in the deck’s unfolding, lowering it slowly to avoid damage.

Windaze 2 In 1 Electric Folding Treadmill is also quite light. Because it is only 57.3 lbs (26 kg) in weight, one person may readily carry and build it.

It’s also easy to move once it’s completed because the front base features a set of little wheels.

Constructing a deck

The Windaze 2 In 1 Electric Folding Treadmill is devoid of manual inclination features. It doesn’t have any kind of inclination at all.

It has two adjustable levelers with huge rubber pads for greater stability instead of the two folding rear feet.

It’s worth noting, though, that the deck isn’t precisely horizontal.

It has a few degrees of incline by default. This makes the ride a little more challenging.

The machine has a walking surface that measures 39.3′′L x 13.4′′W. (100 x 34 cm).

Although it isn’t a very huge usage area, it should be able to accommodate users up to 6’2′′ (188 cm) and provide a regular range of motion for walking and light jogging.

The belt comprises many layers, with the top layer rubberized and textured for better grip.

They include rubber sheets on top of the side rail covers to provide a firm footing when you wish to take a break without interrupting the machine.

The rollers have a crowned shape for better traction and to extend the belt’s life. They use sealed ball bearings to ensure a smooth action.

The Windaze 2 In 1 Electric Folding Treadmill is devoid of cushioning components, as it is a simple treadmill designed for home usage.

However, because the treadmill’s deck board has some flex, walking or jogging on it is far easier on your joints than walking or jogging on asphalt.

It can also handle persons weighing up to 265 pounds (120 kg).

Finally, the deck height is approximately 6 inches (15 cm). As a result, it’s best to operate the machine in a room with a ceiling at least 10 inches (25 cm) higher than your own.


The Windaze 2 In 1 Electric Folding Treadmill was not designed for high-intensity or high-speed training.

As a result, its motor isn’t particularly powerful. It’s a 1.0 horsepower motor with a small flywheel for motion control.

The unit’s motor has a speed range of 0.6 to 6.0 miles per hour. You can easily change your pace because the speed change increments are 0.1 MPH.

The console has settings for adjusting the speed gradually as well as selecting 2 MPH, 3 MPH, 4 MPH, and 5 MPH quickly.

The console also contains many pre-programmed workout routines that, if selected, automatically change the speed.

The console programs employ 0.5 MPH increments for speed adjustments.

The changeover, though, is still rather seamless, so you’ll have plenty of time to change your pace.

You won’t have to worry about excessive electricity bills because the treadmill has a light-capacity motor.

The motor produces very little noise. However, depending on your running form, footwear, weight, and other factors, your cadence can still be heard, especially when using the highest speed setting.


The Windaze 2 In 1 Electric Folding Treadmill has a straightforward console.

It has an LCD display with LED illumination that is divided into many sub-sections to display as many training starts as possible at the same time.

It keeps track of time, distance, speed, calories, and pulse. They display the distance in miles, while they display the speed in miles per hour. Only the grip can read pulses.

The console can only read your pulse if you keep your hands on the handlebar sensors. A wireless HR chest strap cannot be used to read pulse.

There are 12 pre-programmed programs on the console. These come in a variety of segment configurations and target specific workouts.

Evidently, when a program is in use, the machine will automatically alter the belt speed based on the current workout segment.

You can also set distance and time goals for your training.

The FitShow app for Android and iOS is also compatible with the machine’s console, which features Bluetooth connectivity.

As a result, you may download this app to your smartphone and have your treadmill communicate workout data to it.

You may track your progress, run on a simulated trail, examine your training history, and so on.

There are no speakers, a cooling fan, a USB port, or any other fancy features on the console.

Its dashboard has two slots where you may keep tiny accessories or bottle holders. The machine also comes with a gadget holder.

Installation and upkeep

The deck of the machine, which includes the motor, rollers, transmission belt, and other components, is pre-assembled.

As a result, I require all that for assembly is to connect the two upright bars and the handlebar to the console. It shouldn’t take you over 30 minutes to do this task.

The task is straightforward, and the manual includes detailed assembly instructions. It also supplied all the required tools.

Deck lubrication is required after the first 25 hours of usage and then every 50 hours of use for maintenance.

The machine comes with a bottle of lubricant. Aside from that, it’s a good idea to keep the machine clean, especially the belt, and to check for loose bolts and parts regularly.

The astroride cushioning technology improves  the jump phase and reduces the stress on the joints when landing on the running surface.


The modern  console with display offers 36  training programs, suitable for every fitness level and goal. The adjustable ventilation, an enlarged compartment and a tablet holder are just a few of the many extras. A  top speed of 20 km / h and 15 electronic incline levels  offer maximum  training intensity on the particularly large 50×140 cm running surface.




  • 2 HP  engine

  • Top speed  18 km / h

  • Astroride cushioning

  • 12 electronic  incline levels

  • 36 preset programs  + 3 user-defined programs

  • Body fat program  + fitness test function

  • MP3 function  with built-in speakers

  • Speed ​​dial buttons for speed selection

  • Integrated hand pulse sensors

  • Soft-drop  folding mechanism

  • Integrated  transport wheels

  • Holder  for mobile devices

  • Automatic stop function for high security

  • Max. User  weight – 130 kg

  • 130 cm x 45 cm running surface

  • Assembled dimensions: 167.5 x 76.5 x 140 cm

  • Folded dimensions: 103 x 76.5 x 140 cm

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