WOLFMATE Fitness Curved Treadmill [2023 Updated ]

The WOLFMATE Fitness Curved Treadmill is a top- class treadmill that packs an intensive workout into a small package. 

The name speaks for itself: Here you feel you’re walking through the air, but with a good helping of power.  

WOLFMATE Fitness Curved Treadmill [2021 Updated ]

The strength of the person powers solely the WOLFMATE Fitness exercising, does not consume any electricity and impresses with its low CO2 balance. 

It will amaze your members at how tough a training session can be that does not require a motor at all. 

At only 127 kg, the WOLFMATE Fitness Curved Treadmill is one of the lightest treadmills of its kind.

Thanks to its low weight, the built-in handle and the integrated transport wheels, converting the workout area is child’s play.

Specifications and Key Features

  • Dimensions when assembled: 69.9L x 32.8W x 64H inches (177.5 x 83.3 x 162.6 cm)
  • Dimensions of the belt: 62.2L x 17.1W (158 x 43.4 cm)
  • Weight when assembled: 280 lbs (127 kg)
  • 350 pound maximum user weight (158.7 kg)
  • inclination: n/a
  • N/A for the motor
  • 3 interval programs, 3 target programs, 4 heart rate programs, 1 comp program, Bluetooth performance monitor
    Warranty: Frame Parts 3 years / 5 years


  • 350 pound weight capacity
  • The first year of iFit is free.
  • A T Series has been known to last for over ten years in the hands of a few people.


  • You won’t be able to change your settings since you won’t be able to input your weight.
  • To keep using iFit, you must pay a monthly or annual fee.

The WOLFMATE Fitness Curved Treadmill is one of Assault Workout’ fitness equipment that was debuted in 2017 and is still one of the best-rated treadmills on the market today.

It’s a non-powered (manual) treadmill with improved sturdiness and a build that’s quite different from the typical motorized treadmill.

It isn’t one of the most inexpensive machines, but it provides an outstanding value for the money.

Construction of the framework

A heavy-duty steel frame supports the WOLFMATE Fitness Curved Treadmill.

They built the base frame of rectangular steel tubing, but the big side covers hide the most of it. The handlebar assembly is cylindrical, whereas the two upright bars are oval.

All the machine’s steel parts have been double-coated with a corrosion-resistant and chip-resistant paint finish.

I composed the side covers of the device of heavy-duty thermoplastic material.

They’re rated for a maximum user weight limit of 350 lbs, much like the belt and the rest of the deck (127 kg).

Someone also textured their surface for better footing.

The WOLFMATE Fitness Curved Treadmill is a pretty large training equipment, even though it appears to be smaller than the ordinary electric treadmill.

It is around 69.9′′ (177.5 cm) in length and 32.8′′ (83.3 cm) in width. In addition, for easy access and safe use, provide at least two feet of room on each side of the deck and at least three feet of clearance at the back.

This treadmill is also somewhat cumbersome. It has a net weight of about 280 pounds (127 kg). As a result, at they require least two people to transport the bundled unit.

However, after someone completely completed the machine, it can only be moved by one person.

It has a set of transport wheels on the front base and a lifting handle on the back to base. It also has two adjustable levelers with huge base pads on its back to base.

The WOLFMATE Fitness Curved Treadmill does not have a folding frame, which is a last point to address.

Someone cannot store vertically the deck since the upright bars and handlebar assembly do not fold.

WOLFMATE Fitness Curved Treadmill

Construction of the deck and belt

Foremost, the WOLFMATE Fitness Curved Treadmill is not an electronic treadmill; it requires no additional power source, wire, or converter to operate.

The user is the sole source of electricity for the belt. It also lacks an inclination system and the ability to change the deck’s position.

A heavy-duty slat belt is included with the WOLFMATE Fitness Curved Treadmill. T

he belt’s segments are metal-reinforced and have a thick rubber coating with a textured surface for better grip.

This belt has an amazing durability rating of 150,000 miles, according to Assault Fitness.

The machine’s belt is 62.2′′ (158 cm) long and 17.1′′ (43.4 cm) broad, with a running surface of 62.2′′ (158 cm).

As a result, it should be able to comfortably fit users up to 6’6″ (198 cm), providing for a full stride and leg extension.

As previously stated, they rated the treadmill for a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs (158.7 kg), which, of course, also applies to the belt.

The deck assembly’s integrated front and back rollers each include two V-groove wheels.

For maximum stability, the belt features two internal tracks that pass through the grooves of the rollers’ wheels.

In addition, the deck features 50 sealed bearings on each side (100 + 12) that not only keep the slat belt perfectly tracked and steady but also give a very smooth motion with nearly no friction.

Unlike comparable treadmills, the deck does not feature a cushioning system.

The dip of each foot strike, however, is minor because of the curved form and somewhat elevated front part. This has a significant impact on your joints and back.

Compared to a treadmill with a typical flat running surface, it also gives a more natural and comfortable action.

Compared to a powered treadmill, the machine’s deck is also quite high off the ground.

The belt is approximately 18′′ (45.7 cm) above ground at its highest point, and around 13′′ (33 cm) above ground at its lowest point (the mid-section area).

As a result, it’s best to use this treadmill in a room with a ceiling at least 25 inches (63.5 cm) higher than your own.


The WOLFMATE Fitness Curved Treadmill comes with a console that shares many of the same functions as the Assault Air Bike.

To begin, there is an LCD display with seven sub-sections. Time, calories, distance, speed, wattage, pace, and pulse are all tracked.

You can choose between metric and English units for speed and distance.

Only a wireless HR chest strap will give you a reading of your heart rate (Bluetooth or ANT). It does not include this item in the package.

Several workout programs are available on the console. On the right side of the unit, there is a quick-access key for each program category.

Three interval programs, three target programs, four heart rate programs, and one COMP program are all available.

There are two pre-set interval programs and one custom interval program in the interval program category.

They set the first two to 20/10 (20 seconds’ work, 10 seconds rest) and 10/20 (10 seconds work, 20 seconds rest) (10 sec. Work, 20 sec. rest). There are eight intervals in each of these two routines.

The Custom interval program is like the standard interval program, but it allows you to define a timer for both the work and rest periods.

The target programs allow you to set workout goals in terms of time, distance, and calories burned.

If any of these have a target set, the console will count down from that value until it hits zero. It also contains an alarm that will sound when you reach one of your objectives.

Three of the four heart rate programs are pre-set for 65 percent, 75 percent, and 85 percent of maximum BPM, while the fourth is Custom, which allows you to choose the HR percentage you want.

To use one of these apps, you’ll obviously need to wear a wireless HR chest strap (not included).

When you use one of the HR programs, the console counts your pulse and prompts you to increase your pace if you’re below the set HR percentage and lower your speed if you’re above it.

The COMP program resembles the target programs in appearance. You’ll need to establish time, distance, and calorie goals.

If you set a time aim, however, only time will count down while the other indicators will increase. The timer will count up if distance or calories are chosen as targets.

Batteries power the console. Four AA batteries are required, which are included.

It turns on when it detects belt movement or when one of the buttons is pressed. It also shuts off after around 30 minutes of inactivity on the PC.

Finally, the console’s bottom keypad produces a little shelf that can be used as a device holder.

There are no AUX or USB connectors for data transfer, though.

Installation and upkeep

The machine’s running deck is already put together. Only the two side upright bars, their bottom covers, the handlebar, and the console need to be connected.

It shouldn’t take over 30 minutes to do this task. The kit includes all the essential tools for the job, as well as detailed step-by-step instructions in the handbook.

To avoid any textile fibers or debris from damaging the inner wheels, it is advised that the machine, particularly the belt, be kept clean.

Inner bearings are pre-lubricated at the factory and should not require extra lubrication for a long time.

However, lubrication with silicone oil may be required if the belt makes noises.

Many consumers have claimed that their rooms’ feng shui has been affected after acquiring curved treadmills.

Putting a curved treadmill in a space will ruin everything, no matter how much work you put into the interior design.

The WOLFMATE Fitness Curved Treadmill has finally corrected this issue. This treadmill’s designers have taken special attention to make it look more appealing.

One of our favorite features of this curved treadmill is the wooden surface. Its inherent shock absorption when running comprises 62 hardwood laths with a linoleum finish.

Don’t expect it’ll be simple to break. It is, in fact, one of the smoothest and most durable curved treadmills available.

Interval training reinterpreted 

I designed the AirRunner with HIIT in mind. Since there is no speed limit on this device, your members can train as hard as they want and change their pace. 

The AirRunner requires a tiny footprint and can therefore be placed where the small group training takes place. 

This has the advantage that runners no longer have to be banned into a separate area, but can stay in constant contact with the trainer.  

Stable and durable 

With its solid, durable construction of steel frame and handrails, corrosion-resistant hardware and a running surface made of slats, the Assault AirRunner is a sustainable investment. 

Since it also works without a drive or lifting motor, the AirRunner hardly needs any maintenance. 


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