Woodway Curved Treadmill [2021 Edition]

The Woodway truly is the best Treadmill, constructed to help you advance in your next running career, and to better your fitness level of fitness. 

You may want to know that the differences between wood and commercial treadmills because our home treadmills are designed and built to last, with a running surface that is cushioned to minimize strain on the joints and connective tissue.

The treadmill was aimed at filling in the gaps where most conventional treadmills fall short, such as wear and tear and friction. While the metal ones are not, the rubber ones are built like a tank Without 112 ball bearings, the belt lasts forever and requires no power to operate.

There are the treadmills and then there are… the WOODWAY treadmills. Anti-shock running surface. 

Designed with revolutionary slats, the SlatFlex surface of Woodway treadmills reduces shock wave at the joints by more than 93%, reducing the trauma seen on traditional treadmills by more than 93%. 

Like any other form of fitness training, you won’t find anything better than the Curve in sports performance. With a dynamic training drill, an athlete is able to adjust their speed instantly with a few explosive steps. There is no upper limit to the service does not have a speed cap and does not take time to ramp up.

Like an S-Curve, the athlete must push their own muscles. These new capabilities mean better results. It increases metabolism by 30% and engages the posterior chain muscles in training. the belt and deck of the Slat Belt can last for 150,000 miles without a single overhaul.


You do not need to fine-tune the belt and use a toothed pulleys in our design. They never need to replace motors or batteries because they don’t have any.

Maintenance (almost) non-existent. 320,000 km of use without changing a single slat of the treadmill. Increased comfort and balance for the runner.

The toothed wheel + rigid belt combination produces a perfectly regular, precise movement rate, without skidding or destabilizing elastic effects. 

Sophisticated in design, the Curve is the culmination of years of research into the development of a professional non-motorized treadmill.

Its secret lies in the patented Woodway running surface and its drive system that allows the slats to move freely. 

The user is not subjected to the speed of an engine Reach the speed of a sprint in a few strides No electricity expenditure Almost no maintenance 

Designed for professionals Very easy to use: No buttons or adjustments Training console Unlimited speed Dimensions of the running surface: 43 x 170 cm 60 individual rubber slats.

 Features Length: 178 cm Width: 84 cm Height: 196 cm Weight: 161 kg

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