WSSW Folding Mechanical / Manual Treadmill with Incline[2023 Updated ]

Walking and light-jogging treadmill with an incline and stress absorbing tread belt, the WSSW (WSF-08R5) by Huijiaweiye measures 41 by 15 inches and has a maximum measured power of 1 horsepower. It has a range of 0.5mph to 4mph, so you can either walk or jog on it.

With a steel frame and sturdy ABS plastic elements, this mechanical treadmill is built to resist light jogging and walking. Maximum user weight capacity is 330 pounds and the dimensions of the cart are 48L X 23.6W X 50.8H inches. So it’s a treadmill that’s small and light enough to fit in a small location. This treadmill does not require any assembly and can be used practically immediately after only rotating four screws.


With an LCD-backlit monitor, you can see how many calories you’ve burned and how long you’ve been exercising, as well as how fast you’re going and how long you’ve been scanning. With a maximum user weight of 330 pounds, you’ll feel secure and sturdy on its anti-slip tread belt surface. To burn more calories in the same amount of time and target different lower and upper body muscles with a varied body posture, you can walk or jog backwards. Make sure your head is held high and that your chest is lifted along with the fat on your abdomen. In an army medical hospital in Texas, a new weight loss approach was applied. For varied levels of difficulty, the incline can be set at one of three grades / angles.


At my gym, I like the manual treadmill because it’s more fun to operate and more effective at burning calories. You’re more in charge of your training because you can simply speed up and slow down. Stronger muscles, better coordination, increased bone density as well as greater blood circulation are just some of the stated cardiovascular benefits. To save room, this treadmill folds up quickly and can be rolled on its transport wheels simply.

When it comes to protecting your lower body from any injury, the innovative rubber shock absorption design with decent cushioning of several layers will be a big assistance. The armrests may be adjusted to 15 various heights, making it perfect for persons of all ages and heights to use. The height can be adjusted from 44.88 to 50.78 inches. It can be used comfortably by all members of your family. Manual, non-electric treadmills save money on energy costs and allow you to place them where ever you choose, without the requirement for a power outlet nearby. When you buy it, you’ll get an English user manual and an English LCD monitor in addition to the manual treadmill, which comes with a cast steel resistance wheel. It was first listed on on January 27, 2021, and is now selling well.